Architectural Additions Part 3:  Decorating Sun Rooms and Covered Patios

Getting a patio cover or sunroom is only the beginning.  What are you going to do with all of that space now that you have it?  Part three of a three part series explores decorating ideas for your patio.

Decorating your Patio or Sun Room

Architectural Additions Part 3:  Decorating Sun Rooms and Covered Patios

Container Gardening: One Idea for a Patio Cover or Sun Room | (480) 926-2300

Face it, whether you have a covered patio or a sun room, you have a lot of sunshine to work with. Might as well put it to good use.  One of the best ways is to set up a container garden.

Here is some information for getting a container garden set up under your patio cover:

Start annuals such as pansies, marigolds, nasturtiums, snapdragons, periwinkles and lobelia flowers, and vegetables including tomatoes and peppers indoors under a grow light.

Assemble planter boxes, clay pots, wooden barrels, hanging baskets and large flowerpots as containers for your garden. Adapt 5-gallon buckets for the vegetables that are going to be big or bulky; carrots, radishes or herbs can be grown in a window planter.

Fill containers to within 2 inches of the top with a soil mix that drains well and retains moisture.  [MORE]

Arizona Rooms: Decorating Ideas

Southwestern motifs and earth tones often work well with an Arizona room, however, any style that utilizes natural light also works well. Your design choices should reflect your personality. If you’re a modern sort of person, antiques would clash with you. If you like classic furnishings, getting an ultra-mod look would also be a bad idea.

When you’re decorating the space under your patio cover or solarium, make sure that you don’t use anything that can be damaged by exposure to sunlight, like a delicate fabric or color for example.

Above all else, have some fun with it. You’ll find that decorating your sun room can be an enjoyable experience and a great way of expressing yourself.

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Architectural Additions Part 3: Decorating Sun Rooms and Covered Patios
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