Architectural Additions Part 1: The Arizona Room

An Arizona room is a good addition to make to your home, now that the economy is starting to improve. In this three part series, we will talk about simple projects that you can undertake to improve your home that will cost surprisingly little. Part one of this series will cover Arizona Rooms, part two will cover installing patio covers, and part three will be about home decorating and incorporating shade structures.

An Arizona Room: Sunlight on Your Terms

Architectural Additions Part 1: The Arizona Room

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An Arizona room or solarium goes back a few centuries.  Originally they were designed as greenhouses, but they became more about sunlight.  In the winter, they are warmer than the outside, but with full natural light.

In the summer, with a few strategically placed ceiling fans, an Arizona room can be cooler than the outside, which with the high summer temperatures can be a blessing.  Sunrooms use natural light to advantage, and natural light is highly favored in architectural design, as this article excerpt from Ehow shows:

Lighting counts as a key component of interior design. It highlights important areas in a room, adds mood and enhances the overall decorating style in the room.

Natural light is just what it sounds like — the light that flows into a room through the windows, skylights and other openings. The strength of natural light fluctuates throughout the year, and you can take steps to increase or decrease the amount of natural light. [READ MORE]

How to Get a Sun Room and Why You Should

If you want to get a sun room, it’s actually fairly easy.  You just need to find an installer in your area that can build one to your specifications.

As to why you should get an Arizona room, there are several reasons, including expanding your square footage, making effective use of your space, and even more.

For more information about getting an Arizona room, give us a call today, or request an online quote.

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Architectural Additions Part 1: The Arizona Room

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