Architectural Additions Part 2:  Patio Covers

Patio covers are good architectural add-ons for homes ranging from simple homes all the way up to homes with multiple bedrooms.  Part two of this three part series on architectural additions will explore these structures and their installation.  Part one explored sun rooms and using natural light, and part three will explore decorating ideas for your patio.

The Many Types of Patio Covers

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According to regarding patio covers:

Freestanding gazebos and arbors provide elegant patio coverings. Those seeking versatility might appreciate a retractable patio covering, where a fabric roof is rolled over the patio, and then retracted and tucked away, hidden from sight until it is again needed. Patio covers that are not part of the building’s roof trusses need some form of support. They can be attached to a wall of the house, or freestanding.

In addition to fabric patio covers and retractable ones, there are also patio covers made of wood as well.  Some people opt for a solid roof, while others favor a lattice.

As a rule, lattice patio covers are better for areas that you have container gardens and plants that need a bit of rainwater.  A solid roof is for a patio that has furniture and other things that may be damaged by exposure to the elements. When you’re looking to incorporate any sort of addition, you have to consider what works.

Patio Covers and Home Types

Patio covers should also work with your home’s overall design.  A free standing gazebo with wood and lights looks rather odd next to a manufactured home or a mobile home.  And a retractable one designed for a trailer looks weird next to a million dollar home.

Adding anything to your home takes careful planning.  You don’t want your home’s atmosphere to be disrupted by any element that is jarring.  So plan ahead, and get the right patio covers for your home.

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