Lattice Patio Covers and Your Plants

A lattice patio cover is a good place to put plants under.  After all it is the best of both worlds.

Why Install a Lattice Patio Cover?

Lattice Patio Covers and Your Plants

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Plants need only a few things to thrive.  They need water, soil, some sort of fertilizer, and sunlight.  Plants aren’t the same.  Some plants like roses and other flowering shrubs need a lot more water and sunlight than a cactus does obviously.  One of the best types of water to give any type of plant however, is rainwater.  When it rains, nitrogen is washed out of the atmosphere, and plants thrive on nitrogen.  One of the best ways to give plants water, sunlight, and fertilizer is to install a lattice patio cover.

It makes sense if you think about it.  A lattice patio cover in Phoenix lets your plants have sunlight so they can continue the process of photosynthesis.  Rain can still fall on your plants, which give them both the water they need as well as the nitrogen from the atmosphere.  You would need to still water your plants, as well as re-pot them when they become root-bound.  However, two of the needs of your plants would be taken care of.  Your cover can also serve another purpose.

Shelter From the Arizona Sun: Lattice Patio Cover

One of the things that also causes plants some problems is not just the heat, it is the dryness of the air.  A plant can literally be baked during the summer months in Arizona.  When combined with the fierce glare of direct sunlight, your plants can literally be baked in their pots.  Quick, here’s a math problem for you.  If the outside temperature is 114 degrees, how hot is a terracotta planter in the summer.  We’ll give you a clue, it is more than 114.  Sometimes, with a plant, the temperature can be 120 degrees or higher, which without water effectively cooks the root system of your plant.  When you install a lattice patio cover, however, you reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reaches your plants, while still allowing enough to keep your plants healthy.

Too much sunlight can kill a houseplant.  Too little sunlight can make a plant sickly.  The key is to find the balance between the two extremes.  One of the best ways is to install a patio cover in Phoenix.

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