Solid Patio Covers:  Man-Made Shade for the 21st Century

Solid patio covers help to transform your patio into an outdoor seating area. What material are solid patio covers made of? The answer may surprise you…

Solid Patio Covers: Using Aluminum Effectively

Solid Patio Covers: Man-Made Shade for the 21st Century

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What are solid patio covers made of as a rule?  Aluminum.  Why?  Well, because of aluminum’s unique properties. Aluminum is very low density, and it is highly resistant to corrosion.  When aluminum is exposed to the air, a thin layer of aluminum oxide forms, which prevents the metal from corroding further.  This is called passivation.

Structural components made from aluminum such as Alumawood patio covers, are prized because of their durability as well as their appearance. Aluminum is found all over the place, from aluminum foil to the aerospace industry.  It is an unusual metal in a lot of ways as it is 100% recyclable, which helps the planet.  Aluminum also has a curious ability as well, which is why it is used a lot for patios.

Aluminum Patio Covers:  Heat Resistance

Because it is so low density, aluminum is extremely heat resistant.  Look at the aluminum foil in your kitchen.  When you cover a heated pan or dish, the pan may be hot, however, the aluminum foil on top will remain room temperature.  Aluminum patio covers while a different composition than aluminum foil also have these traits.  When it is combined with a light reflective color, you can reflect up to 40% of the sunlight away from the patio making it a lot cooler.

Unlike some other materials, aluminum also keeps it’s shape.  Wood can be damaged by exposure to water, or crack with extreme temperatures, which obviously Arizona has.  Wood can also rot, and act as a magnet for termites.  The weather can also adversely affect certain materials. While winter temperatures in The Phoenix area are mild in comparison to other colder climates, it can still get cold here. The Arizona summer can easily rot canvas or other materials that   patios are covered with.  Aluminum patio covers however, are immune to even the most extreme temperatures. We invite you to learn more about our Solar Awnings as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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