Royal Covers of Arizona specializes in low maintenance glass patio enclosures of a home’s existing patio cover.  The patio enclosures / sunrooms we specialize in are designed to have as much glass as possible with windows along the entirety of the walls.  We can even install glass transoms above and/or below the windows on most projects.  We can include an insulated roof panel if you wish to expand your patio area outside of the existing walls or create a new enclosed space.

Our patio enclosure projects can include standard doors with glass inserts or sliding glass doors up to 192″ wide.  We offer everything from single pane glass to triple pane glass to allow you to control the level of insulation in your room.

Most of the patio enclosure projects we complete are designed to allow the homeowner to use their patio without dust and insects invading.  These rooms can be used as a controlled semi-outdoor dining space, entertainment area, game room, workout room, or simple relaxation room.  The significant amount of glass we try to incorporate into our projects allows as much natural light into the room as possible.

If you love using your patio but wish you could keep the dust and bugs out or control the temperature a bit more, request a free estimate from Royal Covers of Arizona.

Sun Room Patio Enclosures Gallery

One of the best ways to add more living space – and value – to your home is by choosing a sunroom or Arizona room as an addition. Not only can a sunroom or Arizona room bring the outdoors in, it can serve your family as a music room, game room, family room, or quiet room for reading and relaxing.

Before calling a representative for sunrooms or Arizona rooms, there are several issues to consider to help you get the best value for your money and have a screen room, glass room, or Arizona room addition you will love. Well built patio enclosures may return up to 100% of your investment at resale.


Most people initially think of sun rooms and Arizona rooms as a place to escape the dust, bugs, and heat of an open patio. But think about other uses, such as entertaining, home office, spa, or exercise room. Homeowners who plan wisely find their sunroom or Arizona room becomes the most used room in the house.

Next, select the type and size of patio enclosure you want

If you simply want a retreat during nice weather; a screen room, screen porch, or seasonal room might be right for you. Upgrading to an insulated glass room will extend the sunroom or Arizona room’s use from fall to spring. For an expanded family room, kitchen, exercise room, or home office to use year round, select an insulated Arizona room with high performance glass.

Because traditional room additions are comprised mostly of wood, stucco, or other materials that can require maintenance and upkeep due to exposure to the harsh Arizona sun, your choice is easy. Most of the sun rooms installated by Royal Covers are covered by screen or glass and is constructed using a low-maintenance aluminum or vinyl frame. The style of sun rooms, Arizona rooms, or conservatory you build is only limited to your imagination and budget.

Year-round sunrooms and Arizona rooms are equipped with double-paned insulated glass designed for Arizona harsh temperatures, and when used in conjunction with a dedicated or zoned heating and cooling system, the room can be used year-round.

Patio Enclosures Features & Benefits

Patio enclosures (sun rooms) offer a lot of benefits. Let’s see the major benefits that an Arizona Room can offer to you and your house:

  • A Patio Enclosure Arizona Room is a good place to cool off and protect you from hot weather
  • Excellent place for outdoor living
  • Protection against insects
  • Can be used to grow container plants
  • Can be designed based on your house design and can be the extension of your house
  • Home improvements such as sun room enclosures can yield an 80%-100% Return on Investment


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Arizona Room Decor Ideas

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Alumawood Patio Cover Extension & Screen Room Enclosure

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Glass Patio Enclosure in Gilbert Arizona

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Arizona’s Climate: Why an Arizona Room Makes Sense (Contd.)

Arizona’s Climate: Why an Arizona Room Makes Sense (Contd.)

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Arizona’s Climate: Why an Arizona Room Makes Sense

Arizona’s Climate: Why an Arizona Room Makes Sense

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