Arizona Room Decor Ideas

Your Arizona room is a great addition to your home, but how do you decorate it?  Well one popular way is to use Southwestern decor.  After all, we are in the Southwest…

Arizona Rooms and Home Remodeling

Arizona Room Decor Ideas

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Are you looking for some Arizona Room Ideas? What better way to decorate an Arizona room than to use a Southwestern motif? People always want their homes to look and feel unique.  Sometimes, it works, and sometimes, it doesn’t.  Many tract homes look exactly the same, from the floor plans to the outsides of the homes.  So homeowners need  a way to add a bit of personality and spark to the one part of their home they can easily change: their interior Arizona decor.

When most people think of Southwestern decor, they think of the bright, garish colors of the 1980’s that have largely and thankfully faded away.  Modern southwestern design is a lot more sophisticated.  Natural light is an important element in Southwestern style,  and an Arizona Room provides a LOT of natural light.  But light is just the first step.

Arizona Room Ideas – Decoration and Styles

Using Color in the Decor of Your Arizona Room

Some of the best Arizona Room ideas is to introduce authentic Southwestern colors to your Arizona room. You don’t have to decorate in the aqua and pink of 80’s era Southwestern kitsch.  The Southwest is all about vibrant color, but not garish.  The colors used in Southwestern decorating are all around us.  Look at the red found in chili peppers and Navajo rugs.  The sky is a rich turquoise color during the summer, and a cerulean blue in the winter months.  The sandstone cliffs are orange and yellow, as are the bright gold of the California poppies that bloom in the spring. However, sometimes, the colors you can use aren’t all vibrant and bright.

The desert has plants that are a muted green, and the sand and rocks are beige and brown. Your upholstery and any fabrics you’re using should reflect this.  In fact, use fabrics to complement the Arizona decor of your Arizona room. Fabrics that are  textured  provide authenticity to Southwestern decor. Scatter them throughout your space by using them on area rugs and throw pillows.  As for furniture, a mix is good.  Throw some leather furniture together in with primitive and Spanish antiques.  Native American and Latino accessories are also great additions, and in keeping with the rich and diverse culture and history of the Southwest.

See, with the right decor, you can make any room of your home shine.  And why not make the one room of your home shine that already has so much?  Decorate your Arizona Room today.

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