Business Uses of Arizona Rooms

An Arizona room is not just for homes anymore. Businesses can use them as well.

Restaurants and Arizona Rooms

Business Uses of Arizona Rooms

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One of customers, Tina,owns a family restaurant. The building was older, and kind of rundown. The owner refurbished all of it, however, she couldn’t figure out how to add space to her restaurant. While the place had a lot of patio space, it was largely wasted, save as a locked storage space. She heard about installing an Arizona room, so she gave us a call.

It’s not a secret that one of the things that sells a restaurant is it’s decor and ambiance. The Arizona room we put in for Tina cost very little to setup and install. What was a disused patio became a beautiful extra seating area with plants, installed ceiling fans and even a fountain. Her business picked up 30% as a result. That was obviously a great return on her investment.

It isn’t just restaurants that can benefit from a sun room. Care facilities also benefit from installation as well.

Installing a Sun Room at a Care Facility

John and his partners run an elderly care facility. Some of the residents have asthma and various respiratory issues that are complicated by exposure to heat. In addition, with ground level ozone reaching dangerous levels during the summer months, being outside for these people is just not an option. John gave us a call, and after a brief consultation, we arrived and promptly started to install a sun room. The residents loved it as they could get some sunlight but have the heat under control.

So as you have seen in this article, adapting existing space is a good project to pursue if you own a business. Arizona rooms can be put to more uses than just residential ones.

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