Patio Design Part 2: Installing a Sun Room

A sun room or Arizona room is another home improvement project that adds value to your home. Part two of our three part series on patio design explores this concept. Be sure to read part one and part three of this series as well.

Sunrooms and Lower Utility Bills

Patio Design Part 2: Installing a Sun Room

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Did you know that if you install a sunroom, you can lower your utility bills?  Most people are skeptical of this idea.  If a sunroom is nothing but glass or vinyl, wouldn’t it be like adding a greenhouse?  Not necessarily.  With thermally treated, relfective, or tinted glass, you can get sunlight, but without the heat of the sun. Also, as you have an abundant source of natural light, you end up paying less for your electricity than you would with just regular light fixtures.

Also, you can also install ceiling fans in your Arizona room, which are proven ways of lowering your utility bills, because they help to circulate cooler air throughout your home.  However, besides lowering your utility bills, sunrooms serve other purposes as well.

Houseplants and Sun Rooms

A sun room also is a perfect environment for house plants and container gardening.  Plants only need a few things to survive after all.  Give them a bit of water, a bit of fertilizer, and a light source, and they do well.  And obviously the natural light that an Arizona room or lattice patio cover generates is a lot better for plants than artificial light is.  Yet it isn’t just houseplants that do better with natural light.

Living in Arizona, you think that natural light would never be a problem, but the lack of natural light has been proven to cause depression, and other health problems like vitamin D deficiency.  And a sunroom has abundant natural light, obviously.

So, let’s sum up.  Lower utility bills, natural light, and health benefits. So, as you see, installing an Arizona room has way more benefits than you might think.

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