Patio Design Part 1: Patio Covers

Part one of a three part series on patio design focuses on patio covers.

Home Improvement Project #1: Add a Patio Cover

Patio Design Part 1: Patio Covers

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Sometimes, changing it up is good. A new haircut or outfit is a morale boost.  So is remodeling your home.  One thing that people focus on when they do home improvement projects is the interior of the home.  What about the outside, or more specifically, your home’s patio.  Patio covers allow you to have shelter from any storms as well as shade from the harshness of the sun.   You can enjoy meals and other outdoor events.

When you are installing patio covers, you need to determine where you want it to be attached to your home. Keep in mind that it will slope down a bit, so you will need to accommodate for that when you measure. Or call in a professional patio cover installer to measure it and install it for you.  They can also help to determine what type of patio covers you should get.

Your Patio and Alumawood Patio Covers

Alumawood patio covers are one of the hotter design trends that are around nowadays.  The beauty of aluminum is that it conducts very little heat.  Living in an extreme environment like Arizona, you can see the beauty of that feature already.  What a lot of people don’t know though, is that by merely shading your patio, you can help your electric bill to drop significantly.  Alumawood looks like wood, but unlike wood it isn’t vulnerable to termites, warping, or rot.

Home improvement is all about determining what additions work best for your home.  New landscaping helps to expand your curb appeal.  Accent lighting helps to make the interior of your home a showpiece.  And patio covers are one of the best additions you can make to not only keep your home cooler, but to help you enjoy your patio again.

Part two of this series will explore sunrooms, and part three will cover open lattice patio design.

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Patio Design Part 1: Patio Covers
Patio Design Part 2: Installing a Sun Room
Patio Design Part 3: Lattice Patio Covers

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