How to Choose Alumawood Patio Colors
If you want to spruce up your outdoor living space, there is no better way than with an alumawood patio cover. Alumawood pergolas provide much-needed shade from the hot Arizona sun, and they are also stylish and available in various colors. But do you know how to choose alumawood patio colors?

While the choice does depend on personal tastes and preferences, we have some alumawood tips for choosing the color of your patio cover. Read on as we cover the colors of alumawood patio covers available and how you may incorporate them. 

How to Choose Alumawood Patio Colors


What Are the Color Options for Alumawood Patio Covers?

Alumawood patio covers offer you both a stylish outside space and respite as well as cover from the changing weather conditions. When it comes to color options, as one of the best alumawood lattice providers in Phoenix, Arizona, we ensure to offer every available one. This includes the following alumawood color options:

  • Desert Sand
  • Mojave Tan
  • Spanish Brown 
  • Graphite
  • White
  • Latte 
  • Adobe

All alumawood patio covers are made with a weather-resistant and anti-corrosive Aluma-shield paint system and a Teflon surface protector. Thanks to this advanced and durable paint system, no matter the color you choose, your patio cover will be able to withstand even the harshest conditions, including:

How to Choose Alumawood Patio Colors

You should consider more than just your favorite shade when choosing a color for your patio cover. That is, you must consider your home’s overall exterior to ensure a harmonious look.

You should also strive to achieve a cohesive look. This means either matching your patio color with the home’s exterior or picking a color that contrasts it pleasantly. 

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about the color guide is the climate and weather conditions in your area. Since we provide our alumawood patio covers in Phoenix, it is better to use a lighter-colored patio as they reflect heat.

Desert Sand

With its neutral tone, Desert Sand is a color that will perfectly complement your backyard if it’s warm colored. Plus, the Desert Sand color is an excellent choice for the hot climate in Arizona as it will reflect the heat from the Sun instead of absorbing it. 

Desert Sand


Mojave Tan

Mojave Tan is a perfect choice if you prefer cooler-toned colors but still want something natural. This color choice is a cool-toned tan with a subtle undertone of gray. Mojave Tan lattice will blend in seamlessly with your outdoor living space’s natural surroundings.

Spanish Brown

Some people prefer darker colors, which is why wood patio covers are popular. However, wood patios require maintenance and may be affected by harsh weather conditions.

Fortunately, with alumawood’s Spanish Brown color option, you get the best of both worlds: the durability of aluminum and the aesthetics of wood. Spanish Brown is an indulgent, luxurious shade of dark and rich chocolate.

This shade offers warm tones that can add elegance to your outdoor living space. You may create a natural and rustic ambiance with a patio cover in the Spanish Brown shade. In fact, Spanish Brown is among the most popular alumawood colors in Phoenix due to its nice contrast with earth tones and the close resemblance with real wood. 

Spanish Brown



Although many prefer the timeless look of the wood patios, some appreciate modern patio styles. If your tastes lean more toward modern and sleek colors and designs, the Graphite alumawood color is perfect. Graphite alumawood is a dark gray shade that offers a contemporary and sleek feel for a bolder patio look. 


The lightest shade and arguably most suitable for the Arizona climate is White alumawood. White is also the most versatile color overall and can complement any home, no matter the style or color of its exterior. 

Moreover, a White alumawood patio cover can significantly reduce the heat under it. This is because the white color has reflective properties, which allow it to deflect UV rays and heat. 


If you find Desert Sand to be too light but Spanish Brown too dark, then Latte alumawood is an excellent choice. The Latte shade for alumawood patio covers is a warm tan color, resembling coffee with cream. With a Latte alumawood lattice, you may create a warm, soothing, and comfortable ambiance in your outside space.


For a bit of an unusual and unique shade, we have Adobe alumawood patio cover color. The Adobe alumawood shade is a mix of Taupe with a subtle hint of green. 

This unique shade offers you a depth of charm and warmth. Plus, it is light enough to reflect the harsh UV rays and heat.

Mixed alumawood colors

If you want to achieve an even more unique look, you may order your alumawood lattice in two colors. Alumawood patio covers in two-tone combos usually involve the patio roof being one color while the posts, header beams, and trim are another shade. 

One of the most popular two-tone combo choices for alumawood covers are Spanish Brown and Desert Sand. With this combination, usually, the posts, header beam, and trim of the lattice are colored in a Spanish Brown shade, and the roof panels are Desert Sand.

The other popular two-tone combination for Alumawood patio covers is White and Graphite. With this combo, the roof panels are most often White, while the posts, header beam, and trim are Graphite. However, you can combine whichever two colors you want to perfectly match your home’s style. 

Mixed Alumawood Colors



As mentioned, when wondering how to choose alumawood patio colors, it is important to keep in mind your home’s exterior alongside your color preferences. You have varied color choices, including Desert Tan, Mojave Tan, Spanish Brown, Graphite, White, Latte, and Adobe. 

You may also choose to mix two colors for a two-tone combo. So, contact us today and order your alumawood patio that will suit your house the best!

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