Patio Design Part 3: Lattice Patio Covers

Part three of a three part series on patio designs explores the uses of  lattice patio coversPart two of this series explored Arizona rooms, and part one explored solid patio covers.

Container Gardening and Open Lattice Patio Cover Installation

Patio Design Part 3: Lattice Patio Covers

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The first use for open lattice patio covers is for container gardening.  Since they are a lattice, you can plant a plant such as a climbing jasmine or a honeysuckle, and have it wind and weave its way through.  Container gardening is a low maintenance alternative to gardening in Arizona’s heat, as all you need to do is trim your plants every now and then, fertilize them and water them.  There is no troublesome weeding or digging involved.

Container gardening was originally designed in places without a lot of planting space, such as on rooftops in New York boroughs, however, it has seen a renaissance of sorts with the rise of patio homes and duplexes as well.  A lattice patio cover is an addition that is almost designed for the extreme environment of an Arizona summer.  It allows a bit of sunlight in, but is a compromise between too much sun and too little. However, lattices are also good for other uses as well.

Lattice Patio Covers and Hot Tubs

If you have a hot tub, without venting, a solid patio cover is a terrible idea.  The humidity can lead to mold, mildew and other unhealthy organisms, as well as be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cockroaches.  An open lattice patio cover allows for natural venting of the patio area, which keeps a hot tub area a bit more healthy.

Whatever your choice for a patio design, you have to take into account your needs as well as what goes well with your home.  For some people, sitting under a solid patio cover is the answer, while others want the enclosed serenity of an Arizona Room.  For others, the best bet is an open lattice patio cover.

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