Reasons to Repair a Damaged Awning

Damaged awning repair serves more purposes than you might think.  As to why you should fix them, there are several good reasons.

Damaged Awning Repair and Your Awning

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If you need to repair your awning, you may have more than one reason.  Aesthetically, a damaged awning is an eyesore.  Your neighbors would appreciate the fix as your home detracts from the neighborhood.  Yet, there are more reasons.  You could be cited by your property management company, your homeowner’s association, or even your city government, and in some cases fines can be fairly high.  As to why, it has to do with more than simple aesthetics.

Sometimes safety is a factor in awning repair decisions.  An awning that is damaged may have edges or components that could cause property damage, injury, or even death.  Depending on the circumstances, as the property owner, you may be liable for it, or may even face charges. Regardless of the reason for the repair, there are several things that can cause damage to awnings.

Awning Repair: Why It Happens

As a rule, Arizona has fairly even and temperate weather.  The summer’s are brutally hot, but rarely do we have the sort of extreme weather that states in hurricane and cyclone prone areas like Florida or the Gulf Coast have or tornadoes like you would see in Oklahoma or Texas .  However, even Arizona can have bad weather.  Some monsoon weather is preceded by a haboob, with incredibly high winds, which can tear an awning, or even rip it off.  We do get micro-bursts and the occasional tornado like winds, and during winter storm season, we can get hailstorms.  All of which can damage your  awning and force you to get awning repair done.

Whatever your reasons, don’t put off getting it done.  Awning repair should be done as soon as possible after the damage has occurred to prevent any potential jeopardy to you or others.

If you need awning repair, call in an expert.  Royal Covers of Arizona has been serving the Phoenix area since 1979.

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