Aluminum Awnings: Repair or Replace
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Should you repair your aluminum awning or replace it?  There are several things to consider before you decide on repair or replacement.

Damage Assessment of an Aluminum Awning

Aluminum awnings are fairly sturdy.  However, because of high winds or rust, they can start to accumulate damage.  It is a good idea to call in an aluminum awning company to take a look at your awning and appraise any damage to it.  If the basic structure is sounds, however, you have a good chance of saving your awning.

When Do I Replace My Awning Instead of Repairing It

Several factors determine whether you you should replace your aluminum awning or replace it.  First off, one big factor is how much it will cost.  It is obviously cheaper as a rule to repair an awning than to get a new one, however, if your awning is too far past a decision point to save, it’s better to opt for replacement.

If your awning is very old, however, doesn’t mean that it automatically needs to be ripped out and replaced with a new awning or patio cover, again, aluminum is very sturdy.   You can replace a panel or two, apply a coat or two of paint and give your aluminum awning a brand new look.

The right company can make all the difference.  When in doubt, call in a company that does aluminum awning repair today and see what a different it can make for your house, manufactured home, or your trailer.

Royal Covers of Arizona does damaged awning repair as well as new awning and patio cover sales.

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