Patio Covers in Mesa, AZ:  Solid or Lattice

When you’re looking to install patio covers in Mesa, AZ, there are certain things that you need to know, mainly in the questions that you will need to answer.  First off, what is the square footage of your patio?  Next, what type of home do you have?  And finally, what sort of covers should you get: solid or lattice?  Let’s cover lattice patio covers first.

Install Patio Covers in Mesa | (480) 926-2300

Install Patio Covers in Mesa | (480) 926-2300

What are Lattice Patio Covers?

What are lattice patio covers?   What are they used for?  What’s the difference between lattice patio covers and solid patio covers?  Lattice patio covers are partially open to the weather.  As to what they’re used for, they are ideal solutions if you want to do any sort of container gardening.  They allow rain and sun to come in.  They’re also a great compromise if you want a bit of sun and natural light, but not the overpowering presence that is the Arizona summer sun.

The difference between solid patio covers and lattice patio covers is simple.  Solid covers repel 100% of the sun’s rays while lattice patio covers repel about 50-60% of the sunlight. Even though Arizona has very hot summers, the rest of the  year is temperate.  That’s the joy of it.  You have a choice which covers to put in.

Installing Patio Covers in Mesa

Good patio covers should always complement your home’s style, and be easy to paint as well as maintain.  A lot of lattice patio covers are made of cedar or other form of treated wood.  When you get your patio covers installed, make sure they’re sealed.  This will help to prevent water damage and stop wood rot.  It should be water resistant and shouldn’t crack or split. And surprisingly, wood is not your only choice for lattice patio covers.  Now you can also get them made in aluminum.

We know what you’re thinking.  You’re probably thinking they look like those old school chain link fences.  But next generation aluminum lattice patio covers can be made to resemble wood.  While they are a bit more money than wooden ones, they make up for it by increased durability and resistance to rot, termites and other problems that might cause them to lose their appeal as well as be structurally unsound.

Whether you want solid covers, or lattice covers, the most important thing that you have to consider is how to put them in.  The best way?  Get patio covers in Mesa professionally installed.

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