Patio Covers in Mesa, AZ:  Solid or Lattice (Contd.)

Solid patio covers or lattice?  Well, if you are thinking of solid covers, there is a lot to consider as well.

Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300

Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300

Solid Patio Covers Add to Your Home’s Size

What a lot of people don’t realize is that if you install solid patio covers in Mesa, it will increase your home’s square footage.  Covers are a structure, and as they are attached to your home, your home also increases in size.  On one hand this is good because when it is time to sell your home, you can claim a lot more room than other people can, however, it also means you might have to pay a higher annual property tax.

Property tax in Maricopa County is assessed by the square footage of your home.  However, understand that even if your tax bill goes up, it is kind of a wash because of the benefits of patio cover installation, regardless of whether you choose solid or lattice covers.  For example, did you know that covers can also decrease your utility bills?

How Can a Patio Cover Help With Lower Electric Bills?

How can a patio cover help with lower electric bills? For one, with your patio shaded, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home down.  Since your air conditioning has a break, it isn’t constantly kicking on or turning off.  It is when your air conditioning starts up that your electric usage spikes.  However, patio covers serve another need in winter.  They also make your home easier to heat as well, not that that is a problem in Arizona, of course.

For comfort as well as to save money on your electric bill, the more constant your home’s temperature is, the better it is.  Your heater or furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to warm up a house that is universally cold, nor does your air conditioner have to work harder to cool your home down.  Solid patio covers also help to reduce glare and make your home more liveable.

If you are a homeowner, you probably want to make some home improvements.  So get yourself a fresh coat of paint.  Get some new furniture every once in a while, and get new cabinets, and don’t forget to do the outside of your home.  Instead of annual flowers that wilt and require you to constantly garden to change your plants, get something that stays pretty, and uses less water, and then install solid patio covers in Mesa to tie it all in together.

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