My 5 Favorite Things To Do Under A Patio Cover In Arizona

Here are my 5 favorite things to do under a patio cover in Arizona, I hope these give you ideas for how to enjoy the beautiful Arizona outdoors more this year!

  1. Lunch under an Alumawood patio coverAlumawood Solid Patio Covers - Royal Covers of Arizona (21)
    • Get outside and eat a meal under the shade of your patio cover. You have the option of partial-shade or full-shade, either way, lunch outside in the beautiful winter of Arizona doesn’t get much better. With next to no humidity and minimal pesky bugs, eating outdoors is a no-brainer. Shade will keep you enjoying your meal outside longer than in direct sunlight.
  2. Ping pong table under an Alumawood patio cover
    • I grew up with a ping-pong table under a patio cover. I cannot believe how few people have this in Arizona. It is such a great place for ping pong; a place where you can play the fun game in a comfortable environment. Finding space indoors for a ping-pong table can be such a pain because of its clunky size. An outdoor space for ping-pong will bring you and your family outside to enjoy your backyard.
  3. TV/Projector under an Alumawood patio cover
    • Watching a movie or TV show underneath a patio cover makes use of that outdoor furniture year round. Majority of the year, the Valley of the Sun is perfect for an outdoor entertainment center. Enjoy watching the ball game outdoors even in the early afternoon. The shade keeps you comfortable, and you are still able to soak up some sun with a partial-shade cover or just enjoy the game underneath a full-shade cover.
  4. Grill underneath a lattice coverAlumawood Lattice Patio Covers - Royal Covers of Arizona (22)
    • A partial-shade cover fits perfectly with an outdoor grill. Alumawood patio covers taking out the risk factor with a wood cover, using low maintenance and flame resistant aluminum. Grilling underneath shade will keep you grilling year-round. No excuse to not grill when you have a comfortable space!
  5. Napping under a patio cover
    • Stress can take a toll on the body and the mind. Not getting enough sleep stifles creativity and ambition. Catch up on some sleep outdoors instead. An Alumawood patio cover gives you the ability to relax in your backyard, kicking off the shoes and catching a few z’s. Do not let the nice weather pass you by, get out and enjoy it!

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