Install an Arizona Room and Be a Sky Watcher

If you’re not one already, installing an Arizona room will make you a sky watcher. Why? Well, Arizona has some spectacular things to see this time of year.

Install an Arizona Room and Watch The Sunsets Together

Install an Arizona Room and Be a Sky Watcher

Watch the spectacular summer sunsets from your Arizona Room (480) 926-2300

This time of year, it is monsoon season. The bad news is that it is going to be both hot and humid from now until September, but the good news is that there is a lot of very beautiful things to see in the sky. One thing is the way the sky looks.  Arizona sunsets are rather famous, and they deserve to be.  In a lot of other places where the sunset is a narrow band in the west, in Arizona the entire sky can change into shades of orange, red, purple and gold.  Think of how much prettier it would be if you were in a recliner looking up at the windows of your Arizona room.  However, it isn’t just the sunsets you can enjoy.  There are a lot of astronomical phenomena to see as well.

First off, on July 12th-13th 2014, there is going to be a Super Moon, namely where the moon is very bright and close to the earth. Think of how beautiful it would be to watch the moon rise in your Arizona room. Turn all the lights out and watch the celestial show. However, the moon is one celestial event that it would be fun to watch in the comfort of an Arizona room.

Even if you don’t have a telescope, an Arizona Room is also a great place to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. According to the American Meteor Society: “The Perseids are the most popular meteor shower as they peak on warm August nights as seen from the northern hemisphere. The Perseids are active from July 13 to August 26. They reach a strong maximum on August 12 or 13, depending on the year. Normal rates seen from rural locations range from 50-75 shower members per hour at maximum.” [READ MORE]

Install an Arizona Room Today and Watch the Weather

An Arizona room is also a fantastic and safe place to watch Arizona’s spectacular weather at this time of year.  You can watch the haboobs roll in across the valley, or the spectacular thunderstorms.  All without risk to life and limb.

So remember, if you want to watch the sky, get yourself a good place to watch first.  One place that’s perfect for sky watching is an Arizona room.

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