Avoid Heat Related Illness Part 2:  Arizona Room Installation

Part two of our series will explore how Arizona room installation can also help to reduce the risk of heat-related illness.

An Arizona Room: The Bridge Between Hot and Comfortable

Avoid Heat Related Illness Part 2: Arizona Room Installation

Happy Independence Day from your Patio Cover Installer | (480) 926-2300

It is Independence Day.  Want a great place to watch the fireworks if you live near downtown Mesa?  Install an Arizona room.  Why? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, at this time of year, Arizona is hot.  No sugarcoating, no saying “but it is a dry heat,” none of that.  It is hot here.  And with heat comes increased risk of heat-related illness.  Heat exhaustion, heat syncope, and even heat stroke can all be traced to exposure to heat.

Our last article explored installing patio covers.  However, an Arizona room is also a viable way of reducing heat exposure and heat-related illness.  You can cool an Arizona room, while still getting the health benefits of healthy exposure to the sun. And yes, you do need some sunlight after all.

Arizona Rooms: Exposure to Sunlight, Not The Heat

You need some sunlight after all.  Sunlight helps to fight depression, and helps your body to produce vitamin A and D, which you can only get naturally from either exposure to sunlight or by eating green leafy vegetables.  So, have yourself a nice spinach salad, and eat it in your Arizona Room.   And like we said before, it is a great place to watch the fireworks.

An Arizona room is made of high tech glass that helps to reflect some of the sun, while still providing natural light to your home.  As a result, you can see the sky.  And with seeing the sky, you can also watch the fireworks if you’re in the right spots of the valley.  You can watch the fireworks in Mesa, sitting in comfort while a lot of people are dripping sweat for hours on end.  Our next article in our series will explore the fun that you can have with a sun room, but for now, you can consider the way fireworks will look on your own big screen above you.

So remember, you want to control your exposure to extreme temperatures.  So keep your body hydrated, and don’t go out in the hottest part of the day.  Find ways of coping with the heat, such as cool drinks, and swimming in a pool. And don’t forget one more possible solution to consider:  installing an Arizona Room  in Mesa.

Read our next article for more ways to use an Arizona room.

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