Arizona Rooms Part 3:  The Options To Think About

Part three of a series on Arizona rooms explores additions that can make your new home addition even better.

An Arizona Room:  How About Insulated Glass?

Arizona Rooms Part 3: The Options To Think About

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One addition that you can make to your Arizona room is insulated glass. In a regular home addition, insulated curtains are installed to help keep the temperature down.  However, installing drapes in an Arizona room often defeat the purpose of the room.  The solution is to install insulated glass.

Insulated glass allows an Arizona room to keep heat in the winter and cool in the summer.   It isn’t just insulation you need for you Arizona room, you also need your glass to be tempered.  Tempered glass makes it less likely to break. And in a  room that is either partially made or entirely made of glass, that is very important.  However there are other additions you may want to make for your Arizona room.  One of them is wiring

Wiring in an Arizona Room

You’re going to need ceiling fans for when it is warm outside.  A home theater system would work well in an Arizona room as well.  And what about track lighting for when it is dark.  All of these things are going to need one thing, which is wiring.  Even if you have a room that is made of glass bricks, or panes of glass, you can also get more than a few wall outlets put in.

So as you see, there are options and there are options.  You want your sun room to be more than just a room addition.  You want it to be a carefully planned project with attention to detail.  Be sure to call in a professional sun room installer to make it all happen.

This concludes part three of our series.  Be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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