Arizona Rooms Part 1:  Construction

Part one of a series on Arizona rooms explores construction of these great home improvements and additions.

What is an Arizona Room Made Of?

Arizona Rooms Part 1: Construction

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What is an Arizona room made of?  Arizona rooms are made of several different materials depending on customer cost, taste and other factors.  However, the most common material used to build an Arizona room is aluminum and glass of some sort.  Why aluminum and not something more durable?  Well, for one that operates under the assumption that aluminum is not heavy duty.  If you get the right aluminum for your project, it can last for decades easily.  Second, aluminum is one of the most versatile metals around,as well as being easily malleable.

Are all sun rooms aluminum?  Not at all.  Some are brick and mortar, albeit glass brick and mortar.  Whichever type of Arizona room you want to install, make sure that it is a match for your budget as well as your taste.  You also want to consider your home type as well, however.

Why Should I Match My Arizona Room to My Home?

Well, if you have a 1950’s post-modern home, and you install an Arizona room that is all metal and glass, without redecorating the rest of your home to match it, everyone will be well aware that your new room is an add-on, and an unsightly one at that.

When you’re looking at making home additions, you want to make sure that you consult the appropriate personnel.  For electrical work, you consult an electrician.  For adding a guest bathroom, you want to hire a plumber.  And for additions such as these you call in a professional sun room installer.

This concludes part one of our series.  Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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