Arizona Rooms: Part 2

Part two of a series on Arizona rooms explores how easy it is to keep an Arizona room warm.  We’ll give you a clue, the sun is involved…

Arizona Rooms:  Are Heaters Even Necessary?

Arizona Rooms: Part 2

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In an ideal world, everyone would have the same temperatures that they would find comfortable.  There would be a range between 70-80 degrees that everyone would find ideal;however, that is not the world that we live in.  As a rule, men prefer cooler indoor temperatures and women prefer warmer indoor temperatures.  There is a constant battle in most American homes particularly in the summer over the thermostat.  There are couples who even get into fights over it all.  However, there is a way that everyone can have a level of comfort. And that’s where installing an Arizona room comes in.

An Arizona room is naturally warm, and often doesn’t require that you set up any elaborate form of heating, or even connect it to your house’s central heating system.  However, if you do wish do heat it, you’d be surprised how fast a simple space heater can warm up that space, and keep it warm.

An Arizona Room:  Capturing the Sun

The reason sun rooms  are easy to heat is that they operate the same way as a greenhouse does.  A greenhouse traps heat unless it’s vented, and a sun room is essentially a greenhouse without the plants and the botanist.  You can cool a sun room with a couple of fans, however, so don’t worry that it will get too hot.

Keeping a room like this comfortable is easy.  You can open a panel and use a fan if you want to cool it all down, or you can let it sit naturally if you want to take advantage of the sun.  So remember, an Arizona room is all about comfort.

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