How to Hang Shades on Alumawood Patio

Alumawood patio covers are an excellent way to get some much-needed shade from the sun. But in Arizona’s warm climate, especially during summer, you may want an additional shield from the harsh sun. This is why it may be a good idea to learn how to hang shades on alumawood patio.

With shades on your pergola, you will get that extra coverage from the UV rays and transform your outdoor living space with a new look. With this in mind, let’s see how you can hang shades or curtains on your patio cover.

How to Hang Shades on Alumawood Patio


Can you Hang Shades on Alumawood Patio?

First of all, yes, you may hang shades or curtains on an alumawood patio cover for either of the following reasons:

Whatever your reason for wanting extra shade, first, you should learn how to hang curtains on alumawood patio cover. As a manufacturer of some of Arizona’s best alumawood patio covers, we have decided to provide you with this easy guide.

Follow our instructions, and you’ll have your added shade and privacy. Plus, with the right curtains, you can add a new touch of style and elegance to your outdoor patio.

How to Hang Shades on Alumawood Patio

After we’ve installed your alumawood patio cover, you can hang shades by yourself. If you are handy with tools, you may mount a curtain rod on your alumawood patio cover by drilling pilot holes into the structure. You must choose the right curtain rod to support the shades you intend to hang.

Before buying the rod, measure the space where you want to hang the curtains to ensure the rod is the appropriate length. Also, if you plan on hanging heavier patio shades, mount a curtain rod sturdy enough to handle their weight. 

Mounting the curtain rod involves the following steps:

  1. Mark the placement on the patio structure and pre-drill holes to prevent them from cracking during installation
  2. Install anchors if you plan on hanging heavy curtains or want extra stability
  3. Next, install the curtain rod brackets on the patio structure. Insert the screws that come with the brackets into the pre-drilled holes to secure them to the patio
  4. Slide the curtain on the rod and place it onto the mounted curtain rod brackets, and you are done

How do you Hang Shades Without Drilling Holes?

If you want to avoid drilling holes into the patio structure, you can purchase alumahngers.

Alumahangers are specifically designed for alumawood patio covers. You can mount these hangers on the patio structure and hang a curtain rod on them. The purpose of alumahangers is to avoid any damage to the patio structure by drilling holes into it.

Moreover, they are incredibly easy and fast to mount without using any kind of tools. Plus, the hangers are made from the same material as the patio (alumawood), meaning you can match their colors with the alumawood patio cover.  

Besides hanging curtain rods, alumahangers can also be used to hang plants, wind chimes, and other types of outdoor decor from the patio cover. All in all, these hangers allow you to style your outdoor living space according to your taste.

How do you Hang Shades Without Drilling Holes?



After you learn how to hang shades on alumawood patio covers, you will be able to get additional protection on those extra hot Arizona afternoons. Additionally, you get the benefit of more privacy while you enjoy your outdoor space.

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