Patio Cover Installation: Why It’s Best Left To The Professionals

With the vast amount of information available on the internet, there are videos and tutorials for virtually any project you may wish to undertake. From sewing your own pillowcase to installing a car engine, it seems that anyone with internet access can watch a video or read a tutorial and instantly feel ready to take on just about any project. Doing things yourself is a popular choice. The phrase “do it yourself” even has its own acronym – DIY.

While we think it’s great to learn new things and do some projects yourself, there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. Drilling cavities, flying an airplane, performing brain surgery, and large construction projects are times when watching a simple YouTube video is just not going to cut it. That would be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

While building a patio cover may not be as intense as performing brain surgery, it is still an instance where hiring a trained professional is a much better option. Keep reading to find out why we think so.

Building Permits

Any addition to your home will require a building permit before construction begins. Obtaining a building permit isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can be a hassle. If you hire a patio cover contractor, they will take care of any required building permits, making your life easier.

Tools and Equipment

Home improvement projects, such as patio cover installation, require all kinds of tools and equipment. If you haven’t done many construction projects, chances are you won’t have all the necessary tools and acquiring the necessary tools and equipment can be pricey. Plus, once you purchase the items, you then need to learn how to use them.

If you choose to hire a professional, they will already have all of the required tools and equipment and experience using them.


In any given situation, an untrained individual is more likely to make mistakes than someone who is well-trained. Attempting to install a patio cover without the proper skills and knowledge can result in dangerous miscalculations and errors.

Not only can mistakes cause safety issues, but they can also be costly. Depending on the extent of the mistake, you may need to replace materials or even start all over.

Mistakes can also change the final look of your structure. A patio cover that had the potential of being beautifully eye-catching may end up being an eyesore in your backyard.

A patio cover contractor will have an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, building codes, structural integrity, etc. This will ensure you end up with a safe, beautiful, quality cover that can withstand strong weather and last for many years.


Another benefit of hiring a professional for your patio cover project is that a contractor will have insurance to cover any damages that may occur during construction. They, along with their insurance company, will replace any damaged materials.

If you do the project yourself, you will have to pay out of pocket for any damages. Furthermore, if you decide to make your patio cover a DIY project but fail to obtain the necessary permits, your insurance company may deny any claims relating to your cover.


Building a patio cover is typically not a quick project; it takes a good amount of time. This includes time for the planning and preparation, obtaining permits, and then, of course, building the structure.

Many of us have busy lives full of work and family obligations in addition to various extracurricular activities. Finding the time out of your busy schedule to build a patio cover may be challenging.

Not only will you save yourself time by hiring a contractor, but a contractor will be much more efficient than you would be. This means they will finish in a fraction of the time, so you will be able to enjoy your patio cover much sooner. Just be sure to schedule some time to do so.

Who to Hire

Now that you have realized that it is in your best interest to have your patio cover professionally installed, you need to find the right contractor for your project. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask Around – Referrals are an excellent way to find a top-notch contractor. If you have a friend, family member, or neighbor who recently had a patio cover installed, ask who did the job. Get all the info on the quality of work, efficiency, customer service, price, etc.
  • Do Your Own Research – The phone book (we’re pretty sure those still exist) or the internet are great places to search for “patio cover contractors near me.” If you are in the Phoenix area, check out Royal Covers. You won’t be disappointed.

No matter what company you are considering, try to find reviews online. Then, take the time to actually read through the reviews. One positive or negative review probably isn’t enough information to base your decision on.

You can also call the companies you are considering. This will give you an idea of the type of customer service they provide. You can also ask questions on price to ensure they service your area and to check for available dates.

As you can see, hiring a professional installer is the best choice when it comes to adding a new patio cover to your home. Your new space is within reach.

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