How to Hang String Lights on Covered Patio

Adding string lights outside your house may brighten the atmosphere and give it an exciting feel. If you’ve just done some installations in your outdoor living space, you might wonder how to hang string lights on covered patio. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process.

However, before setting up any backyard string lights, you have to determine how many you need, where you will place them, and how to hang things on aluminum patio. We go over each point in this article to help you understand string lights better.

How to Hang String Lights on Covered Patio

Outdoor string lights can instantly add a cozy ambiance to any patio, deck, porch, or yard. Outdoor decor is not limited only to the holiday season. In fact, patio lighting is also perfect for summer, especially if you have installed an alumawood patio cover for that rustic look.

So, you can put eye bolts or screw hooks on the patio cover. Loop the lights securely, then hang them from the hooks. Yet, if you want to learn how to hang lights on aluminum patio covers in detail, we created a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow and guarantees perfect execution every time.

How to Hang String Lights on Covered Patio

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Arrange the placement

When installing a new set of string lights in your outdoor living area, it’s crucial to determine where exactly they will be placed. We also advise arranging the path you want the lights to follow when hanging on the covered patio.

If your space has a square and rectangular shape, the simplest placement would be to string up the lights along each side of the patio. You can also string them up from corner to corner if that sounds more aesthetically pleasing.

Nonetheless, if your patio is covered, you can place the lights back and forth along each beam to make the space more illuminated and unique.

Measure the placement structure

Before purchasing string lights, you must measure the structure on which you plan to hang them and the distance from the extension cord or any other power outlet you might use. Ensure you measure the string lights’ projected path in feet because they are usually sold in strands.

When you have calculated the length of the lighting path, it will be easier to determine how many boxes of string lights you need to purchase. Always purchase an extra few feet of string lights to avoid rushing to a store for a new box.

Choose a type of lights

Now it’s time to learn how to hang string lights on aluminum patio cover. They come in various shapes, sizes, and bulb styles. People commonly go for LED and CFL for that bright and soft outdoor glow.

The choice of light types depends on the unique style of your patio. Some people choose traditional incandescent bulbs. But LED and CFL bulbs are more energy-efficient and won’t significantly affect your utility bill.

You will come across many options when buying string lights, including incandescent, which are perfect for outdoor spaces. There are also waterproof lights, remote-operated lights, and even colorful ones to complement the exterior design of any house.

Ensure the lights are working properly

A very important step during string light installation is to test them before putting them up. Take the new string lights out of the box, and plug them into a nearby power outlet. This is to confirm that they’re working properly. 

If you don’t ensure they are working before you hang them up on your patio, you might come across some challenges. No one wants to go through the trouble of putting up multiple strands before discovering that some or all of the bulbs need to be replaced.

Such problems are very disappointing and may make you give up on the idea of hanging string lights altogether. If your set of lights is faulty, ensure you return to the store and request a money refund or exchange for new ones.

Begin the stringing process

When you ensure the lights are working properly, it’s time to string them in the preferred configuration. Start from the nearest strand to your power source and string it up to the closest structure until you position the lights exactly where you want them to shine.

Set up the string lights

Now it’s time for the next and final step of learning how to hang string lights on covered patio. Plug the strand of lights into the nearest power source and run the cord from one anchor to the next until you cover your desired path.

There are a few ways of hanging string lights on a covered patio. Some require previous experience, while others can be performed quickly and efficiently without hassle. Take a look at the easiest methods of setting up string lights in your outdoor living space:

Using hooks

One of the more complex techniques people use to hang string lights on their patios is inserting screw hooks into each pilot hole. They twist the hook until the threads are no longer visible. The hooks are then pointed upwards to hold the light strands.

One benefit of using screw hooks for these types of projects is that they allow you to experiment with different hanging patterns using a variety of anchors. By using hooks for stringing lights on a covered patio, you can also alter the configuration and give your space a different look as often as you please.

With this method, the light strands are connected but not fastened. Thus, if you need to take the lights down at any point, you can do so. Yet, if you want to keep them in place for longer, you can add carabiners to the bulb socket holes and attach them to the hooks. 

Using hangers and hooks

Many people wonder how to hang string lights on covered patio without nails. This is because the technique of using nails is complicated, time-consuming, and doesn’t always work. Luckily, you can use hangers for this purpose, depending on your patio’s material.

There is a large variety of hooks, zip ties, and hangers on the market that make it easier for people to hang string lights on their patios. But if you want to add string lights to your patio cover made of aluminum, you can use alumahooks without damaging the surface as you would with nails.

In addition to covered patios, alumahooks and hangers can also be used on pergolas and other similar outdoor structures. With these types of attachments, you can also easily hang bird feeders or your favorite plants, as well as other outdoor decor, to personalize the look of your patio.

Using hangers and hooks

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You may add brightness and coziness to your outdoor living space by learning how to hang string lights on covered patio. The installation is fast, easy, and cost-effective for those who want to change the vibe of their backyard and relax on a modern patio.

You only need a few boxes of string lights, a convenient power outlet, and handy tools to make your patio stand out from the others in the neighborhood.

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