Arizona Rooms: Part 3

Part three of our series on Arizona rooms explores entertaining ideas.

Holiday Entertaining and an Arizona Room

Arizona Rooms: Part 3

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Halloween is less than a week away, why not throw a costume party or even a theme party?  An Arizona room is a good space to set up a fog punch-bowl, an old fashioned bobbing for apples event, or even a place for your Halloween decorations.  And Halloween is only one of the holidays coming up.

Some people have a kind of dread of the holidays.  A lot of time, there is a bit of dramatic subtext.  Disapproval from in-laws, having everyone squeezed at a dinner table together, and tension can turn a holiday into an ordeal.  However, as times have changed so have traditions.  Why not set up a big screen television in an Arizona room and make your Thanksgiving dinner a buffet.  That way everyone that wants to can watch all of the bowl games.  You get a relaxed holiday, and no one is forced to do something they don’t want to.  What also trips up a bunch of people is that the holidays are only a few days out of the year, what about the time in between?

Cocktail Parties and Sun Rooms

An Arizona room is a perfect place to throw a cocktail party, and it doesn’t have to be about New Year’s eve either.  A holiday party for example with appetizers and drinks can be convivial and memorable when it’s under the night sky, but indoors at the same time.  Maybe dim the lights and have a few votives placed around.  Keep your music playing, but keep it as background noise.  Good parties are those that you have great conversations and laughs at.  You want to be able to hear what someone else is saying.

So remember, entertaining is all about presentation.  If you want to have a great party, have it in a good venue, and why not make that venue a new Arizona room.

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