Arizona Room or Patio Cover: Which One's Best Pt 3

Part three of our series on Arizona rooms and patio covers explores some final thoughts about both of these home additions.

So Which One’s Better? An Arizona Room or a Patio Cover?

Arizona Room or Patio Cover: Which One's Best Pt 3

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Everyone has their own opinion about which one is better: an Arizona room, or a patio cover.  The answer to the question however, depends on several factors including your budget, your living space, and your own individual needs.

For someone living in say a manufactured home, an Arizona room may not be the best idea, unless you can get someone to match your existing home.  And you also have to remember, that it adds to your square footage.  That’s why such solutions work best for homes with more land and more overall space around them.

Should a Patio Cover Be Put Only in  a Manufactured Home?

A patio cover is versatile, actually a bit more versatile than a sun room is.  So you could install a cover for a fancy home, or a modest manufactured one.  It also depends on your needs and your taste.  If you want open space, then you want a patio cover, if you want it closed off, then you’ll want a sun room.  Before you do either, however, make sure you know what you want, and what is within your budget.

You don’t want a project half done because you run out of money.  Nor do you want to get a project started only to have to scrap it later on because you decided for another option.  So, use your head, and crunch some numbers.  Then you will be able to get the solution you want, whether that is a patio cover or an Arizona room.

This concludes part three of our series on patio covers. Be sure to read  part one and part two as well.

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