Arizona Room or Patio Cover: Which One's Best Pt 1

Part one of a series explores the differences between Arizona rooms and patio covers.  Which one is best?  Let’s look at the shade solutions available to you as a home or business.

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Arizona Room or Patio Cover: Which One's Best Pt 1

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Patio covers are the cheapest of the two options, so if saving money is the most important consideration right out of the gate, then that option is the best one for your home or business.  With a properly installed patio cover, you can also install add-ons such as a misting system to help keep it even cooler.

As to whether to install solid patio covers, or lattice, that depends on your sun and shade needs.  A solid patio cover blocks all the sunlight from the patio, except for obviously when the sun is lower.  A lattice patio cover, on the other hand allows a bit of sun to get in.  This can be useful if you want to do any sort of container gardening.  Now, let’s go over sun rooms or as they’re also known, Arizona rooms.

Arizona Rooms: Sunlight on Your Terms

If you want the protection of an indoor room and have a bit of natural light, then an Arizona room or a sun room is the answer for you.  An Arizona room can be made of different types of material from relatively inexpensive to elegant and sophisticated. However, don’t think that if you install a sunroom it will be the same as putting a greenhouse on the northern half of your house.

Arizona rooms or sun rooms are usually located on the north side of a building to help keep the heat down.  Sometimes, they’re made of solarized or frosted glass to help reflect heat.

So, remember, where sun and shade are involved, you have choices.  So think on whether you want an Arizona room or patio covers.

This concludes part one of our series on patio covers. Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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