Home Additions Part 3: Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice patio covers are a great addition to a patio, particularly if you want to do some container gardening.  Why?  Well, it is all due to their design…

Lattice Patio Covers: An Open and Closed Case

Home Additions Part 3: Lattice Patio Covers

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When you’re looking at getting patio covers installed, you have to consider what they’re going to be used for.  If you’re using them for solely to keep the sun off your patio, or to anchor solar panels to, then you want them to be solid patio covers.  If, on the other hand,  you want some rain and sun to get in, that’s where lattice patio covers come in.

Lattice patio covers have several advantages.  First off, they are easy to install, and surprisingly elegant.   Lattice patio covers pretty much go with any home. They also have the advantage of being cheaper than solid covers are.  If you’re on  a budget, this is definitely a plus.   Lattice patio covers do not block out all of the sun. This is invaluable if you want to do container gardening.

Container Gardening and Lattice Patio Covers

You buy a plant at your local garden shop, and it says plant in partial sun. You can plant it in the ground, assuming that you have a place for it to go, or you can make a place for it by getting into container gardening.  And what helps with container gardening?  Open lattice patio covers, of course.   However, it isn’t just your plants that do well with such covers.

For instance, let’s say you want the best of  both worlds.  You want some sunlight, but you don’t want to roast in an Arizona summer.  A lattice patio cover definitely helps with this.  It cuts back your sunlight just a bit, while still allowing natural light to come in.

So whatever you decide, remember that you can control your home’s exposure to the sun.  So whether you want an Arizona room, solid patio covers, or lattice patio covers, just get a professional installer to put them in for you.

This concludes part one of our series on patio covers.  Be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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