Solar Power Myths and Questions

Solar power is often misunderstood even in this day and age.  This article will attempt to unravel some of the confusion regarding this renewable power source.

Solar Panel Installation | (480) 926-2300

Solar Panel Installation | (480) 926-2300

Solar Power Myths:  You Have to Have Full Sun And Panels Are Expensive

Do you need direct sunlight for solar panels?  How this misconception started goes back to older panels of the 60’s and 70’s, where pretty much if a bird flew by it cut power to the house.  Modern solar panels, however, use daylight as opposed to sunlight.  Solar panels gather photons from the ambient light around them and convert them to energy.  In a way, they’re like big silver plants, only you don’t have to water them.  While direct sunlight gives solar panels the biggest concentration of photons obviously, they will still work in overcast conditions.  After all, look at Germany.  It is often overcast there yet they use solar power as part of their commitment to renewable power sources.   Modern solar panels have lenses and mirrors that make use of whatever light that reaches them.  Even streetlights can add a bit. Time for our next myth.  Solar panels are expensive.

Solar panels are only expensive if you’re looking at initial investment.  You do have to put down money to install panels of course, however, when you start looking at energy cost savings as we covered in our last article, you actually end up making your investment back in a decade or even less.  On the subject of investment, how long do solar panels last?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

A myth that is based on old information is still floating around.  Solar panels only last about five years and they have be replaced.  Not exactly.  Modern solar panels last between twenty and twenty five years.  So way past five years!  And that figure is just the cover on the panels.  If you recover your panels every twenty years, your solar panels will probably outlive you.

So remember, solar panels have come a long way from the bulky, low watt units of just a few years ago.  Now, you can have solar panels the thickness of a ream of paper that have dozens if not hundreds of solar cells to generate power for your home or business.  If you have questions about solar panels or how they’re installed, please give us a call.

For more information on solar panels, click here. We invite you to learn more about our Solar Power Awnings as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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