Container Gardening and Lattice Patio Covers

Unlike a solid patio cover, a lattice patio cover is partially open to the elements.  Why would you want such a cover?  Well for one thing, lattice patio covers are wonderful if you do container gardening.  First off though, what is container gardening

Using Your Lattice Patio Cover For a Container Garden

Container Gardening and Lattice Patio Covers

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As a lattice patio cover installer, we are big fans of container gardening.  According to WIKIPEDIA.ORG:

Container gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. Pots, traditionally made of terracotta but now more commonly plastic, and windowboxes have been the most commonly seen. Small pots are commonly called flowerpots. In some cases, this method of growing is used for ornamental purposes. This method is also useful in areas where the soil or climate is unsuitable for the plant or crop in question. Using a container is also generally necessary for houseplants. Limited growing space, or growing space that is paved over, can also make this option appealing to the gardener.

Containers range from simple plastic pots, teacups to complex automatic-watering irrigation systems. This flexibility in design is another reason container gardening is popular with growers.


Where to Put Your Plants Under a Lattice Patio Cover

Having your container garden under a lattice patio cover allows you a great deal of control of where to place each of the pots, and how much water you can give them.  Plants that need a lot of water you can put on the edges of the patio to make run off easier.  However placement is just one of the considerations when doing container gardening. You also want to select the right containers.

While you can use plastic pots, they have a tendency to age quickly in the hot dry air of Arizona, even under a patio cover.  It’s recommended instead that you use terra cotta or ceramic pots.  Check your pots carefully.  Terrarium style pots are designed to retain moisture.  A regular garden pot has a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage. Terracotta is beautiful, however, since it is unfinished clay, it also draws moisture.  If you’re using terracotta or a garden pot, make sure you put a  water catching tray under it.  In fact, one of the better ways of watering plants in terracotta is to fill the tray slowly under the pot repeatedly until there is standing water at the bottom of the tray.

Container gardening is a fun way of adding beauty to your patio.  Of course you have to start from the top and work your way down.  Get a lattice patio cover installed today.

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