Alumawood Patio Cover Ideas

Sprucing up your outdoor living space is an easy way to elevate the overall look of your home. Among the most charming exterior style options are alumawood patio covers. Due to the material’s versatility, there are countless alumawood patio cover ideas.

Whether you want to incorporate a classic wood look or a more modern design, alumawood is customizable to fit everyone’s taste. Moreover, the material not only provides beautiful style options but it also fits various budget brackets.

So, let’s dive in and explore what design options are available for alumawood patio covers!

Alumawood Patio Cover Ideas


Alumawood Patio Cover Ideas

Besides being an outstanding backyard design, patio covers are also beneficial for those living in warmer climates. And it doesn’t get warmer than living in Arizona. Our alumawood patio cover designs give you shade from the harsh sun while elevating your home’s exterior style. 

Alumawood pergolas come in several style options, including lattice, solid, combination, and insulated. Unlike wood or aluminum patios, alumawood covers offer more creativity in color and design. 

This allows you to create a unique look for your backyard design. If you are in search of inspiration, consider the following patio cover ideas.

Traditional wooden backyard style 

If you are a fan of the classic look of wooden patios but want to increase the longevity of your patio cover, then you are in luck. With an alumawood pergola, you may achieve a look identical to any traditional wood version

Alumawood patio cover designed with a wood finish exudes elegance, which is sure to give your home’s exterior a warm and inviting look.

Classic lattice patio design 

To achieve another classic look, we recommend the elegantly interwoven pattern of the lattice design. The timeless charm of the lattice patio cover design is one that never goes out of style. 

The alumawood lattice design incorporates crisscrossing beams that provide you with shade from the hot sun. But simultaneously, the interwoven pattern creates a unique visual due to the captivating shadow and light play

With this patio cover idea, you can achieve a serene and inviting aesthetic in your outdoor living space.

Colors for a personal touch

Where materials like wood or aluminum limit you, alumawood lets you show off your creativity. Alumawood is available in an array of colors as a material, allowing you to achieve a unique backyard design.  

If you opt for a more eclectic or bohemian personal style, an alumawood patio in a bold color is a great cover idea. The extensive customization options of alumawood in color and design allow you to achieve a cohesive look that matches your home’s aesthetics and outdoor decor.

Moreover, our alumawood finishes are designed to withstand the harsh Arizona environment and resist fading and peeling.

Modern metalic patio design

If you are more into contemporary and minimalist design choices, try an alumawood patio cover with a sleek metallic hue. The metallic patio cover’s sophisticated and elegant look will significantly elevate your outdoor living space.

Let your backyard design reflect your personality and tastes. Plus, with alumawood, there is no need to worry about rust over time. You get a durable and lasting patio that will provide shade and remain unchanged for years.

Modern Metalic Patio Design



If you are still deciding, these are some of our best alumawood patio cover ideas. We recommend matching your pergola to your home’s overall look to achieve a cohesive and complimentary design. 

Choose from one of the many looks, whether it is a classic design like a wood finish or a lattice. You can also go for a modern take with a bold color or a metallic hue. 

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