Can You Paint Over Alumawood?

Alumawood is an aluminum product that resembles wood in every aspect. The material is more durable compared to wood. It keeps the bugs, termites, and other pollutants away and allows you to have a high-end patio covering. Given the benefits of the material, many homeowners ask whether they can paint all over alumawood without destroying the material. In this article, we will discuss all about alumawood, can you paint over alumawood, or whether you need a professional to repaint the alumawood.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Can You Paint Over Alumawood?  

Alumawood material is durable which makes it the perfect option for upgrading your outdoor living space to accommodate the area for all seasons. The final product is painted with weather-resistant insulated outdoor paint and coated with silicone polyester to ensure maximum sustainability during harsh conditions.

Given the material features, you may wonder — can you paint over alumawood without compromising the quality when the paint starts to fade away? Luckily, you can repaint your alumawood, but it’s a big project. It involves extensive preparations and requires pleasant conditions for drying the paint, so you might want to call a professional service. So, let’s check below what the process looks like, step-by-step.

Can You Paint Over Alumawood


How to Paint on Alumawood?

Repainting the alumawood is not an easy project, and it has to be executed correctly to ensure maximum sustainability. So, do you need a professional to paint alumawood? Given the following steps, you definitely need a professional to paint the alumawood.


Sanding refers to scraping old paint and other chemical coats with a sander, hence the name. 

This is a crucial step as you must ensure that the new paint will settle and seal down firmly. New paint sticks only on a pristine and smooth surface. 

Therefore, during this stage, you must completely peel off the old paint, dirt, and rust to ensure it’s smooth.

Washing the surface

Right after sanding, you have to deep clean the entire surface and remove the remaining debris. Dust off the removed paint, and clean the surface with soap and warm water. Make sure you deep clean the entire surface to ensure the primer sticks properly.

Protect the surface

The patio cover mustn’t be exposed to rusting, humidity, or heat while drying. Heat and humidity cause bubbles in the paint and make it uneven. Therefore, take a plastic sheet and hang it just above the surface to protect it from these pollutants.

Primer application

After you ensure the surface is clean and ready, the primer application process may begin. You can use a mechanical sprayer for faster results, or you can use a brush – it’s your choice. Only you must ensure that you apply a thick coat and make it even. Leave the primer to dry for at least 24 hours (this varies in specific weather conditions and seasons), and once it’s dry and firm to touch, you should apply the paint.

Painting application

The paint application process is the final step of the way. For this process, you should consult with an expert to tell you what kind of paint to use on alumawood patio because there are many types of special paint, alumawood patio colors, and color formulas you must know to get that nice smooth finish. Currently, acrylic latex paint is one of the best insulated outdoor paints for alumawood.

Otherwise, the paint coating is best applied with a sideways motion from top to bottom. You should leave it for 24 hours until it’s fully dry. After a day, you should apply the sealer and wait for the paint to dry.

How to Paint on Alumawood



Alumawood is a patio made of durable building materials to provide maximum sustainability for years.

The material is weather-resistant that’s recommended for a variety of climates, and goes well with different styles of exterior designs.

As you’ve seen in this article, you can repaint alumawood, but the process is delicate and requires knowledge of building materials, color formulas, coating, and finish skills. In other words, you need to consult an expert and leave it to their hands if you want to repaint your alumawood. 

We hope you found this article helpful and it answered your questions related to alumawood repainting.

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