How Long Do Aluminum Patio Covers Last?

Aluminum is a popular choice for patio covers because it’s worth the investment. This material is durable, long-lasting, and delivers an aesthetic appearance. But how long do aluminum patio covers last?

The value of aluminum patio covers comes from their resistance to rusting and damage due to harsh weather conditions. Thus, these types of patio covers are known for lasting several decades without the need for frequent replacement.

Here, we will discuss the factors influencing the aluminum patio cover durability regarding material quality and maintenance techniques. We also present the most important benefits that have a lot to do with the aluminum patio cover longevity.

How Long Do Aluminum Patio Covers Last?

Many property owners are constantly looking for patio covers for their outdoor living space. They want to invest in patio covers that offer tremendous value and are built to last. So, how long do aluminum patio covers last? 

Aluminum patio cover offers year-round weather protection. They can last for many years if properly installed and maintained. This high-quality patio cover option is made to withstand corrosion, decay, and pests. Thus, it can stay outdoors for decades and won’t be negatively affected by sun exposure.

Some stores sell affordable metal shade structures for patios and decks. But with our patio covers, you get what you pay for. Lightweight awnings are less likely to withstand years-long exposure to rain, UV exposure, and fire than pricier but sturdy aluminum patio covers.

Factors Influencing the Durability of Aluminum Patio Covers

We are a reputable service that can focus on building and installing patio covers worth the investment. Yet, several factors can influence the aluminum roof for patio durability. If you want to determine how long aluminum patio covers last, consider the below-mentioned points:

Material quality

Awnings, railings, and gates are materials used to build patio covers. They are made of superior quality when working with aluminum. Before building them, we consider climate, location, and weather conditions.

The building materials play a huge part in the longevity and general upkeep of aluminum patio covers. Our shade covers can endure mold, cracking, and rusting. Aluminum patio covers are lightweight while maintaining their low maintenance, strength, and long-lasting characteristics.

Organic materials such as wood also offer an aesthetic appearance. But they are more susceptible to damage and lack durability. They might also require costly replacements every few years and frequent cleaning. This is due to their sensitivity to powerful UV rays, mold, and mildew.


Our patio covers made of aluminum are generally easy to maintain. They don’t need to be taken down during the colder months. This is due to their durability to withstand any weather condition without any visible damage.

Also, aluminum patio covers don’t require repainting as those made from wood. Property owners don’t have to spend hours of work on yearly maintenance to retain their quality. They might last as long as a few decades without being affected by humidity or storms.

However, some people want to regularly clean their outdoor space, including the aluminum patio covers. If there is some dirt on them, using clear water with a hose to clean it will get the job done. If the dirt is more severe, you can even use a brush to remove it.

Although unnecessary, many people mix water with cleaning solutions to polish their aluminum patio covers. They usually combine cleaning detergent with trisodium phosphate and water to eliminate any debris.

Owners love the fact that our aluminum patio covers are low-maintenance. Yet, they can last longer than other types and give a more modern appearance. However, proper care and maintenance may cause their prolonged lifespan.

Service reputation

The installation must be done properly from day one for a new patio cover system to reach its full length of life. The process of designing and building the aluminum patio covers must be correctly completed to eliminate possible weaknesses in the final setup.

Thus, most customers would likely pay more money upfront than dealing with replacements due to poor initial installation that costs extra. They would rather invest in a high-quality project than constantly worry about damage and repairments.

This is where RoyalCovers comes into play. Our artisans design each project with care and patience. Our builders install patio covers professionally to ensure customers get exactly what they were promised. 

Furthermore, our customer service team is friendly and approachable. You can ask them any questions related to your project and get the answers quickly. The reputation and credibility of our organization are built on approximately 40 years of professional work and unique craft.

We are based in Mesa, Arizona. But we also serve in many areas around Phoenix. These include Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Cave Creek, Peoria, and some locations around the Valley of the Sun.

How Long Do Aluminum Patio Covers Last


Alumawood vs. Aluminum Patio Covers

Alumawood is made from recycled aluminum material. It’s a material that combines the best options for patio covers – aluminum and wood. Aluminum can sometimes appear dull. Thus, customers are interested in whether the alumawood’s durability matches aluminum’s.

Luckily, it does. This unique material prevents the patio from peeling, repainting, and rotting. It’s sturdy and protective against sun and water damage. It offers the rich texture of wood and customization options of aluminum. 

Moreover, they look natural and require minimal maintenance, which is very convenient for property owners. Alumawood patio covers are also resistant to warping and rotting. Yet, due to their inclusion of wood material, they are not as long-lasting as pure aluminum.

Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers

Now that you have discovered how long do aluminum patio covers last, it’s time to learn more about their benefits. There are reasons why this material is considered the most durable when compared to others. It not only looks good, but it also holds up well.

Heat and weather protection

Aluminum patio covers are protective by blocking the powerful sun’s rays. They may also reduce heat while still maintaining complete ventilation. When used with window awnings, they provide the patio with a nice shade during the warmer months.

In winter, aluminum patio covers allow the low sunlight to enter your home and warm it up. So, they can regulate the in-house temperature while protecting the outdoor living space from snow and heavy rain.

Aluminum patio covers are also versatile and can be put in many places. They can shield your patio, deck, doorway, and windows from the weather. They retain their long-lasting shiny finish and provide optimum protection without stretching, wearing, and tearing.

Long-lasting quality

The materials used to make aluminum patio covers are not only durable, but their design is also easy to incorporate into any outdoor living space. The integrity and color of aluminum patio covers are long-lasting and don’t easily fade due to rain or sunshine.

Due to the high-quality characteristics of such materials, they won’t easily rot or get infected with pests due to sun exposure. Thus, a one-time investment in aluminum patio covers may result in long years of protection without regular maintenance and repair.

Customization options

Aluminum patio covers allow many options for customization. Our service offers a large variety of colors to choose from, depending on the aesthetics of your entire outdoor living space. We allow the design of these covers to be easily customized to match the exterior design of any house. 

Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for patio covers?

In many US states, sunshine can create a friendly climate. However, this constant sun exposure is not good for the vinyl material used to make patio covers. Instead, aluminum is considered the best material on the market due to its modern appearance and unmatched durability.

What is the difference between aluminum and vinyl patios?

Vinyl is a common material used to produce deck and patio covers. However, it’s not entirely made of metal, making it less durable than aluminum. Unlike vinyl patios, aluminum may undergo discoloration due to sun exposure. But coating solutions can quickly solve this problem.

What is the difference between aluminum and wood patios?

Wood is a beautiful and natural material, easily customizable for patio covers. Yet, it’s considered high maintenance compared to aluminum. Wood is sensitive to heat and subject to insect damage, unlike aluminum, which can withstand these problems.


How long do aluminum patio covers last? We hope we have helped you learn it with this comprehensive article. Our patio covers have the highest material quality, the easiest maintenance techniques, and strong durability, which determines their lifespan. 

Aluminum is the best material for patio covers that currently exists on the market. Thus, it’s worth the investment for property owners who want to beautify and protect their outdoor living space.

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