Lattice Patio Covers - Sun and Shade Part 3

Part three of our series on shade solutions explores lattice patio covers.

What Are Some Places to Install Lattice Patio Covers?

Lattice Patio Covers - Sun and Shade Part 3

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In earlier articles we focused on installing lattice patio covers to help with container gardening, but how about something that will be coming with warm weather: barbecuing.  A lattice patio cover helps to reduce the sunlight that an outdoor kitchen gets, while at the same time allowing a bit of natural light in.  Having this combination of shade and sun is the best of both worlds.  It allows the barbecue expert to grill that perfect steak or chop while at the same time, reducing his or her exposure to the sun.

Another place to install lattice patio covers is in an outdoor seating area. A lattice patio cover allows your guests to enjoy the warm spring weather of Arizona, while at the same time not being overpowered by the sun.  If you don’t think such covers would help to control the temperature, they are equivalent to a shade tree, and shade provided by a tree can reduce the temperature of the area that it shades by up to 20 degrees. Let’s see why you should consider a lattice patio cover.

Why Install Lattice Patio Covers?

Well, like all covers for your patio, even lattice patio covers can help you to lower your utility bills. Most people have a connected patio. If this patio is cooler, it makes the rooms attached to it cooler as well, which in turn means that the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard as it would with a patio that has full sun exposure.

Another reason to install a lattice patio cover is the fact that they are a home improvement that adds value to your home.  So one more shade solution that you might want to consider is lattice patio covers.

This lattice cover article concludes part three of our series on shade solutions. Be sure to read part one which covers shade sails, and part two which covers solid patio covers.

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