Sun and Shade Part 2:  Solid Patio Covers

Part two of our series on shade solutions focuses on solid patio covers.

Solid Patio Covers: A Shade Solution for All Types of Homes

Sun and Shade Part 2:  Solid Patio Covers

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Installing solid patio covers is another shade solution if you don’t want to go for a shade sail.  But then again, they serve different purposes.  Shade sails can be used more effectively in areas with a lot larger space and with more diverse shade requirements.

A solid patio cover, however, is meant to be anchored to the side of a building, so it is a better option for a home where you have a specific place you want shaded, and have only a smaller area to be shaded.  It is also more likely to be approved if you have a more rigid HOA, as it is an unobtrusive structure.  One nice thing about solid patio covers is that they also improve the marketability of your home, while also keeping your square footage down.  Why is keeping your square footage down so important?  Well, for one thing it saves you money.  One of the factors that determines how much your property tax rates are per year is the square footage of your home.

What Are Solid Patio Covers Made From?

Usually solid patio covers are made from either wood, aluminum, or a combination of both.  One trend that is popular with patio covers is the invention of alumawood.  If you get professionally installed solid patio covers, they will last for years if not decades.

Alumawood patio covers give the look and feel of wood, however, they are aluminum, so are immune from rotting and other problems that can happen with wood.

This concludes part two of our series on shade solutions.  Be sure to read part one which covers shade sails, and part three which covers lattice patio covers. Discover patio covers near me in Phoenix, Arizona with Royal Covers! We invite you to learn more about our Solar Awnings as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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