Patio Covers for Winter Part 2

Part two of a series on patio covers in Scottsdale explores whether you should use real plants or artificial ones.

Artificial Plants Under a Patio Cover in Scottsdale

Patio Covers for Winter Part 2

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Artificial plants have come a long way from the cheap plastic ones of the 1950’s-1970’s, and are a good way to decorate your covered patio.  There are several forms of artificial flowers, but the two most popular ones are polyester flowers and silk flowers.  Both polyester and silk flowers from a distance appear to look natural.  If you take care of your silk flowers, they can look natural for years to come.  Silk flowers are often used because they’re fire retardant, and require very little care to keep them looking nice.

You want to make sure that you treat your silk flowers with some sort of protective coating.  This will help to avoid them fading with exposure to the sun, and make clean up a breeze.  If you want to clean the silk flowers you’re using for your patio covers in Scottsdale, mist them with water, and wipe them down.  Replace your silk flowers every now and then as they will inevitably start to show their age.  If you don’t want to care for silk plants, you may want to get real plants instead.

Selecting Natural Plants for Your Covered Patio

If you want to use natural plants in lieu of artificial ones like polyester plants or silk for your covered patio, be sure you pick the right plants to use.  You’re going to want a combination of hanging plants as well as a container garden.  In addition, you want plants that will have foliage as well as flowers.  Some perennials are good as when they’re not in bloom they’re leafy green plants.

So whether you want to decorate your porch with artificial plants or real ones, just know how to care for them.  And make sure you have the place to put them: a covered patio in Scottsdale.

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