Patio Covers in Scottsdale: Outdoor Living at Its Finest (Contd.)

Patio covers come in many forms.  There solid ones and lattice ones. And there are even other types as well.

Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300

Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300

Let’s Talk About Retractable Patio Covers and Adjustable Ones

The benefits of a retractable patio cover is you can tuck it away when you do not need it. It is installed on the outer wall of your home and is made of fabric to offer shade and protection for the sun and rain. This is a less expensive way to provide shade and protection to your outdoor room. It is also an easy install. Hiring a professional to install a retractable cover will take up less time than a free standing cover.
There are many benefits to free standing patio covers. Free standing covers add a structure to your outdoor space. They add value to your home because they solidify the feel of an outdoor structure. There are various options for roof tops on a free standing patio cover. You can have a lattice cover that will provide shade, ventilation and sunlight. This still however, will not provide protection from rain.
An adjustable patio cover will provide protection from the rain because it has a louvered rooftop. The louvers open and close, so you have the great benefit of a lattice roof, but also the benefits of a closed structure. With an adjustable cover, you can provide just the right amount of shade, sun and protection for the type of day you are having. This gives you variety.  However, there is another option too.

What About an Arizona Room?

An Arizona room provides all the protection and benefits in one. You can have a glass roof or wooden roof and glass walls. The windows can be open on bright sunny days and closed on raining cold nights. This is the ultimate option for an outdoor room. Having a professional will be crucial for this project because you will want the proper installation for comfort year round.

No matter what type of outdoor space you desire, you have many options to choose from.  The idea of having an extra room added to your home that provides sunlight, shade and protection from the rain is every homeowners dream. The ability to spend time outside year round with your family and friends is a blessing. Finding the patio cover that suits your outdoor room needs is just a phone call away. Call a professional to help you get the type of sun room or patio cover that will provide you years of memories and fun.
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