Myths About Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing is often misunderstood.  There is a lot of misinformation regarding this housing choice…

Manufactured Housing in Mesa:  Is It a Good Fit for You?

Myths About Manufactured Housing

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Myth #1: A Manufactured Home Has No Insulation

Truth:  Older model manufactured homes have insulation that’s almost wafer thin.  This goes back to a time when mobile homes were smaller, and shorter.  They were largely designed for people who needed a mobile lifestyle.  So everything about the designs was made with that purpose in mind.  When the 1960’s and 1970’s rolled around, however, mobile homes were separated out from manufactured housing.  As manufactured housing is typically placed somewhere permanently, insulation is thicker.  In fact manufactured home skirting R-COTEC skirting has an R-5 insulation value. R-5 insulation works well in a climate like Arizona where heating costs are minimal and cooling costs are a lot more.

Myth #2: A Manufactured Home is Basically a Box and Has No Accessories

Actually most manufactured homes, despite their lower costs, have the same plethora of accessories that regular homes do.  Manufactured home accessories can be everything from patio covers to garages.

As you see, there are some myths about manufactured housing.  Here is another

Manufactured Housing and Manufactured Housing Accessories

Myth #3: Manufactured Housing is Trashy and Low Class

The only thing that manufactured housing has is a much cheaper price tag.  A lot of people falsely claim that low cost means low quality, but that isn’t always the case.  Manufactured housing has a lot going for it in terms of low cost upkeep as well as convenience, and modern manufactured housing can be quite stylish, and only a trained eye can tell it’s manufactured.

Why would people go for manufactured housing?  Simple, the cost is much lower than tract housing or any other housing solution.  Consider if you will.  The median home price in Phoenix is $150,000 and up.  As the economy bounces back from the recession, home prices will continue to rise.  With a manufactured home, however, the price can be as low as $27,900.  Manufactured homes serve a purpose, just as all home types do.  If you are going to get a manufactured home, or if you have one already, make sure you get the manufactured home accessories you’re going to need.

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