Manufactured Housing Part 2:  Know Your Laws and Rules

Manufactured Housing

Part 2: Know Your Laws and Rules
Part two of our series on manufactured housing explores the legal things you must be aware of before you buy and build.


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Like all forms of housing, manufactured housing requires the builder to build it with a bit of common sense.  You want to make sure that you have all appropriate legal permits before you buy your home.  You also want to verify that zoning of your particular area permits housing to be built.  For example, if you try to install manufactured housing in an area that is zoned for heavy industrial, even if you get your home built you might find that it is in violation of zoning ordinances which would mean that your cheap alternative will be more expensive once the fines are added in.

If you’re in doubt, check with your local municipal government as well as a professional manufactured home builder.  Both of them should easily be able to tell you what permits you’re going to need. In addition to building permits, make sure you have everything planned before you buy and build.  It is the details that are the most important.


First off, make sure that you know the area you’re going to build in.  Make sure your manufactured home isn’t going on a flood plain.  Does the area have municipal water and sewer lines?  Is there a wiring and/or communications junction near the property?  You’re going to need all of this before you get manufactured housing.  You don’t want your home built only to find out you can’t flush your toilet or switch the lights on.

So, remember, whether something is easy or hard depends on a lot of things.  But if you use a bit of common sense, and have an awareness of the laws and rules, then manufactured housing may be for you.

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