Manufactured Housing Pt 1: An Affordable Option

Manufactured Housing

Part 1: An Affordable Option

Manufactured housing is an often misunderstood option where housing is concerned.  Part one of our series explores this option and how far technology has come.


Install Manufactured Housing today (480) 926-2300

Install Manufactured Housing today (480) 926-2300

Why get manufactured housing?  Well for one thing, cost.  How much cheaper are manufactured homes?  The figures vary, but sometimes modular home construction can save you upwards of 30% off of traditional, or stick built housing.  And modern modular homes have come a long way from their mobile home roots.

Mobile homes used to have a bad reputation.  They were thought to be low class and shoddy construction.  Usually the only people who bought them were from rural and uneducated areas or people on fixed incomes like retirees.  However, with housing costs rising across the country, even in Arizona, manufactured homes are getting a much deserved second look from potential home buyers.  While cost is a good reason to get them, there is also how easy it is to add to a modular home.


A modular home is, well, modular.  That means that it is surprisingly easy to add a module to an existing structure.  And unlike truly mobile homes that are designed to be hitched up and moved behind a car or truck, a modular home is designed to either be sent in pieces and assembled at the home site, or hauled on a flatbed for a one time delivery.  Either way, the home is secured to a concrete slab and in a much faster rate of time than a traditional home, you have a house up and ready for use.  This is one key advantage that a modular home has over stick built houses.

So, remember, that as a home buyer starting with just a plot of land, you have options.  One very good option you may not have considered:  installing a manufactured home.

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