Manufactured Housing Part 1:  Affordable Housing Made Easy

Manufactured Housing

Part 1: Affordable Housing Made Easy
Manufactured housing deserves consideration, particularly in a largely rural environment such as Arizona.  This article will attempt to clear up several misconceptions about this housing option.


Manufactured Housing Part 1:  Affordable Housing Made Easy

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In the old days, manufactured housing was not considered to be a housing option unless someone was struggling financially.  However, some things have changed considerably over time.  One thing is the image that such housing has

About the only things that manufactured housing shares with its past are the fact that the housing is manufactured and that it is a lower cost alternative to a frame or masonry home.  The insulation, once thin and largely ineffectual has improved with new technologies, and is now comparable to insulation used in other homes as well.  And considering that you can get manufactured housing in the same square footage as a lot of larger homes, it’s image as a jumped up trailer is gone as well.


Well, as we mentioned above, manufactured housing is cheaper than frame or masonry homes, to the tune of 60% cheaper in some cases.   A lot of people can benefit with this lower cost alternative, from young couples starting out to retirees on a fixed income who want a home.  In addition, such housing is a great starter home if you have a property in a rural area, which Arizona has in abundance.

So whether you have a small plot of land in the city, or a few acres up in the mountains, remember, times have changed, as have the options available to you for home ownership.  One option that you have?  Manufactured housing of course.

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