Manufactured Homes:  A Solution Right for Arizona?

Manufactured Homes: A Solution Right for Arizona?

Manufactured housing has come a long way.  But is it right for Arizona?


Manufactured Homes:  A Solution Right for Arizona?

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We know what you’re probably thinking.  Manufactured housing is not exactly beautiful.  However, what you are thinking of is probably something a lot older.  A new manufactured home is part of a next generation of materials that have improved the energy efficiency as well as aesthetics, while at the same time keeping prices down.  Insulation has come a long way from the pink fuzz so common to prefabricated housing form the 40’s to the late 70’s.

The old days, a manufactured house was one jump above a mobile home, and was essentially a tin box with paper thin insulation that did little to nothing to keep the temperature down.  Air conditioning or a swamp cooler would keep such places cool until the air shut off. Then within seconds, the temperature started to go up.  Fortunately, though, those days are past, and energy efficiency is the result.


Modern manufactured homes are better insulated now, with the latest and safest technologies.  A lot of older insulation was either asbestos or fiberglass, both of which are not very good for your health.  Modern insulation uses foam resin that solidifies and is both flame retardant as well as an excellent source of insulation.

As a result of this, your A/C can shut off, and it is several minutes before you start to feel any increase in temperature.  As Arizona has extreme temperatures in the summer, this could literally mean the difference between life and death.  And more places are cropping up for manufactured housing, particularly on the east side of the valley.

So what are you waiting for?  If a manufactured house is right for you, give us a call.

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