Installing a Garage in Phoenix

If you wish to install a garage in Phoenix it may be a viable home improvement.  The Phoenix area is full of older homes.  A lot of ranch style homes were not built with a garage, they were built with a carport instead.

Garage Installation:  Upgrade Your Carport

Installing a Garage in Phoenix

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A carport serves a purpose too, however, there is no security with a carport.  As two sides of the carport are open, anyone can literally walk in and take whatever is lying around. A garage may be a better option.

While some homeowners prefer the open air of a carport, and look back to a more innocent time,  just as many others prefer an extra measure of security that installing a garage can bring.

If I Install a Garage Will It Help With Security?

In a word, yes.  If you install a garage, it puts up a barrier between your driveway and one of the entryways into your home.  It also expands the storage space of your home, and gives you a safe and secure place to put your vehicles.  While Phoenix’s auto theft rates have dropped significantly over the past few years, there are still over 10,000 vehicles stolen in Arizona every year.  With your car locked up, any would be thieves will most likely try something that is easier pickings.

Can installing a garage make that much difference?  Yes.  A garage won’t stop a determined intruder, just as locked door won’t.  But all crimes involving break ins depend on two main factors:  stealth and speed.  If a burglar, would be car thief, or intruder has to delay while trying to open a garage door, it reduces both his stealth and speed, and greatly increases the risk of being captured by the police.  The key to not being a statistic of property crime is to deter intruders as much as can.  In nature, creatures develop striking colors or spikes to deter predators.  In human society a locked door and levels of security serve much the same purpose.

So, protect your home from unwanted entry.  Keep your car locked up safe at night, and all of your property.  And what is one of the best ways to accomplish this?  Install a garage in Phoenix.

Since 1979, Royal Covers of Arizona has been an industry leader in the field of garage installation in Phoenix.  We can put in a garage that matches every decor.  Call us today.

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