Life in a Glass Room

A lot of people have misconceptions about a glass room. Most people think that they would have no privacy, or that they will always be replacing broken windows. Some people are concerned about a higher electric bill.  This article will clear up these misconception.

First Off: What is a Glass Room?

Life in a Glass Room

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A glass room or sun room is a room that is made of special glass that is designed to allow natural light in while at the same time, helping to keep the temperature down.  There are several different ways to accomplish this.  First off, there is the use of glass bricks. According to Wikipedia: “Glass brick, also known as glass block, is an architectural element made from glass. Glass bricks provide visual obscuration while admitting light. The glass block was originally developed in the early 1900s to provide natural light in manufacturing plants. Glass bricks are produced for both wall and floor applications. Glass blocks for use in floors are normally manufactured as a single solid piece, or as a hollow glass block with thicker side walls than the standard wall blocks.” [READ MORE].  With the use of glass bricks, you won’t need to worry about broken windows.  Some kinds are even bulletproof. And as the glass is not totally transparent you don’t need to sacrifice your privacy.  But what about cooling your home?

The amount of light admitted to your home via an Arizona room can be controlled, as can the heat.  Reflective glass for example, is ideal for allowing natural light in, keeping  your privacy, but keeping the heat down.  With a ceiling fan, the air can be kept circulating.

What Would I Do With a Sun Room?

Sun rooms are surprisingly versatile.  You can use a sun room to relax in, or entertain in.  You can use it as a place to have a container garden.

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