How to Plan a Breathtaking Backyard Design

Just like your living area, what makes the backyard in your home beautiful is the personal, creative touch you give it. What actually makes your living room stylish are the family accessories and furniture swaps. However, it may not be that simple for a backyard. Here, you are transforming an empty concrete slab into a unique outdoor retreat. Updating your patio set may not be enough. You may need a couple of exclusive design elements. You also need to be very creative.

Jim Coffman, the president of Coffman Studio, was responsible for starting this Phoenix project, right from scratch. At first, the backyard was dominated by a pool. On the other hand, the homeowner has other ideas. He would like the pool to be replaced by something much more useful and only requires low maintenance.

Coffman was able to make this a reality. He created a series of outdoor rooms having different functions. The new design features a living area, dining room, fire pit, outdoor patio cover shading, and lawn. What made it special was the good flow connecting the spaces. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the ways you can create this same cohesive, fun vibe in the outdoor space in your home.

What will be yard be used for?

The first thing you need to consider before transforming your backyard is what you will end up using it for after the transformation. Whether you are using it for entertainment purposes, to play soccer, as your outdoor dining, ensure that the design is dictated by your preferences.

Who enjoys the backyard?

Put everyone into consideration, including kids and pets, in your new outdoor space. In this situation, the owner of the home possessed two large dogs. Thus, a synthetic lawn was included by Coffman. The best part, the artificial grass possessed an antimicrobial treatment for rapid cleanup.

Divide the rooms properly

Ensure that the rooms are properly divided. You can place resin panels on both sides of the fire pit. This will help define the area. This will serve as an ideal way to distinguish it from the outdoor living room. You can also improve the nighttime ambiance by including dramatic light fittings.

Make it suitable for all weather, all-day

Coffman wanted the owner of the home to enjoy the backyard both during rain or sunshine. Hence, different shade variations were integrated. The dining space was fully covered, and living room partially shared. It also featured an open-air fire pit. Creatively include lightings, the fire pit just got more enjoyable, especially during the night. One of the many excellent ways to provide cover in your backyard is through the installation of an aluminum pergola patio cover

Creatively Combine the Materials

Since the homeowner was enthusiastic about rusted metal, Coffman added a rusted fire pit and a pergola, featuring a painted steel frame, as well as a galvanized metal hat channel topper. Coffman also added Trex decking, synthetic turf, resin panels, stucco walls, and acid-washed concrete. This offers the industrial accents, a subtle complement.

Do not be discouraged by HOA guidelines

Do not allow the strict guidelines of HOA discourage you. Since the homeowners were living in a development and won’t be allowed to modify or attach anything to shared walls, Coffman tapped into his creative instincts. He included freestanding yellow stucco walls for color, character and spatial definition. Fascinating!

Add an artistic focal point

Also, try as much as possible to include an artistic focal point in your new design. This custom ceramic provided by James Sudal, which wasn’t part of the original plan, quickly became an integral part of the design. For added personalization, you can pair the piece with yellow and turquoise accents or colors gotten from favorite paintings in the interior of the home.

Leave some breathing room

As much as you will like to use every inch in your backyard, it is advisable not to do this. The patio might, after some time, look cluttered. For this reason, Coffman intentionally left some simple turf space in the middle. This will help create enough room for breathing, avoiding an overwhelming feel.

There you have it! All the above are some tips to help plan your backyard from scratch. You deserve a picturesque setting in your home where you can have a nice time with family. By following these tips precisely, you will be able to transform the state of your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary.

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