10 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Furniture and Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space


Having a great patio and deck can double the living space of your home and make your property more inviting and even more valuable. Whether you spend every day outdoors in the shade or just enjoy summer entertaining, creating the perfect outdoor living space will allow you to maximize your enjoyment.

Creating the perfect outdoor living space is not always easy, but the results will be well worth the hard work. No matter what part of the country you call home or how much space you have to work with, choosing the right outdoor furniture is an essential first step. The comfort, quality and durability of the outdoor furniture you choose will play a role in everything from your backyard barbecues to your informal family get-togethers. Here are 10 smart tips for outfitting your deck and patio.

  1. Buy the best quality outdoor furniture you can afford. When it comes to outdoor furniture, quality trumps price every time. A low-priced set of patio furniture is no bargain if it falls apart in just a few years. Invest in quality – you will not regret it.
  2. Consider the elements when choosing outdoor furniture. Choosing outdoor furniture is much different than picking a couch or a dining room table. Those pieces of furniture will not be exposed to the pouring rain or the blazing sun, but your patio furniture will be. Think about the climate where you live, and choose outdoor furniture based on those criteria.
  3. Think about how you live and how you entertain. Your lifestyle will play a big role in choosing patio furniture, so think about how you plan to use the table, chairs and other pieces. If the furniture will be staying where it is, weight will not be much of an issue. If you plan to entertain in the back yard or move the pieces around, lightweight design will be very much a factor.
  4. Determine care needs before you buy. Choosing patio furniture on looks alone can be a big mistake, one that many homeowners make. That stylish set of teakwood furniture may look great in the store, but without the right care, the pieces will quickly show their age. Think about how much care you are willing to give your new outdoor furniture, and how much time you have to devote to it.
  5. Consider comfort as well as style. You will be spending more time sitting on your outdoor furniture than looking at it, so comfort will be as great a factor as beauty. If you long to lounge around this summer, a well-padded chaise lounge and set of chairs will allow you to do just that.
  6. . Choose colorfast cushions and care for them properly. The harsh sun and changeable weather can really take a toll on your padded outdoor furniture, so make sure the fabric is colorfast and designed for outdoor use.
  7. Invest in a sturdy shed for off-season storage. If you want your outdoor furniture to retain its good looks, you need to store it under roof in the off season. A storage shed is a smart investment, one that can greatly extend the useful life of your outdoor furniture.
  8. Choose the right accessories. Your basic set of outdoor furniture might include a set of chairs, a sturdy table and possibly a chaise lounge, but you do not have to stop there. Accent tables, outdoor serving tables and even padded footrests can improve the versatility of your outdoor living set and make your summer days more fun, especially if you have some shade sails installed to offer more cover while you sit or you can look into fancier options such as white aluma wood patios.
  9. Keep a spill kit handy. Wiping up spills promptly can extend the life of your wooden furniture and the padded upholstery, so keep a fast response kit nearby. You can store your spill kit in the garden shed or keep it in a storage box on your deck.
  10. Create a year-round living space with a patio heater. You do not have to hide inside when the temperatures start to drop. Adding a patio heater to your outdoor living space means you can use your patio all year long.

Choosing the right patio furniture is very important, and the right pieces will vastly enhance the enjoyment you derive from your home. The 10 tips listed above can help you select the perfect furniture pieces for your outdoor backyard living space design, so you can enjoy the sunshine and warm weather whenever you wish.

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