How Much Weight Can an Aluminum Patio Cover Hold?

The patio cover provides the ultimate protection of your patio so that you can enjoy it all year round. But before you decide to hire professionals like us to build one, you should know the weight an aluminum patio cover can hold. So, how much weight can an aluminum patio cover hold?

Since this is a common concern for many of our clients, we’ve decided to explain all the factors determining the weight an aluminum patio cover can withstand. This will ensure the safety and functionality of your recreational outdoor space.

How Much Weight Can an Aluminum Patio Cover Hold?

We always want you to be informed about every aspect of your project so you can enjoy every moment on your patio. Understanding the load-bearing capabilities of the patio cover is important for every owner. 

It doesn’t matter if you are worried about the heavy snowfall in your area or want to install a solar panel. You need to know the aluminum patio cover weight limit.

In our experience, the aluminum patio cover weight capacity may range from 10 to 40 pounds per square foot. On the other hand, the alumawood patio covers Phoenix can generally hold 25 pounds per square foot of material.

How Much Weight Can an Aluminum Patio Cover Hold


Factors Influencing the Aluminum Patio Cover Weight Limit per Square Foot

Aluminum patio covers come in different shapes and sizes. But how much weight can an aluminum patio cover hold per square? Consequently, you should consider various factors, such as the following:

Material thickness

The weight capacity of the patio cover is directly influenced by the thickness of the aluminum used in the building process. Naturally, the thicker the aluminum, the more load it can withstand.

We can help you determine the best material thickness according to the expected weight load during the design process. Thus, it is of significant importance to mention if you are planning to put some fixtures on the roof.

The construction

The construction technique not only determines the aluminum patio cover weight limit but also influences its durability. We are responsible for every aspect, including:

  • Choosing high-quality materials and aluminum plates.
  • Designing the structure.
  • Using precision and expertise to increase the load capacity.
  • Finding critical points and adding reinforcement when necessary.
  • Planning the spacing between the beams and posts for maximum weight capacity.

Roof design

The roof design is another crucial factor influencing how much weight an aluminum patio cover can hold. We always want to remind our customers that although some roofs might be visually appealing, they are not designed to handle heavier weights.

For instance, sloped roof designs naturally help shed off the accumulated snow and water. They reduce the overall pressure and live load on the patio cover. On the other hand, flat patio covers require an added framework to have higher weight limits.

How to Determine the Weight Capacity of Your Patio Cover

You can find out how much your patio cover’s weight capacity is in various ways. The most convenient way is to ask us as your patio cover installers. We always consider your specifications and can provide accurate and reliable information.

Hiring structural engineers is another way to learn how much weight an aluminum patio cover can hold. They will evaluate the construction, including the material strength, roof design, and beam and post spacing to calculate its weight capacity. After considering all these things, they can inform you about the weight per cubic foot your patio cover can hold.

Ultimately, you can look at the local building codes and regulations to get information about the roof’s minimal capacity. However, this is only reliable when you’ve hired licensed constructors like us to build your patio cover.

Whichever option you choose, ensure you understand the difference between live and dead loads. Live loads are all temporary and movable elements on the structure, including people, snow, and wind. 

While the dead load is the static weight of the structure itself and the attachments added to it. These include the patio cover material, beams, and other permanent fixtures such as fans, lights, and roof panels.

How to Calculate Snow Load for Patio Cover

Calculating the actual snow load on your patio cover is complicated. Luckily, we will teach you how to estimate it. 

For the formula, you will need to measure how many inches of snow you have on your patio cover. After you have measured the depth of the snow, you should multiply it by 1.25, and you will get the weight on your patio cover in pounds per square foot.

Can You Walk on Aluminium Patio Covers?

If the time comes to put on the Christmas lights, or you want to thoroughly clean up your patio roof, you should be sure it is robust enough. Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no answer to the question.

Generally, it is possible to walk or stand on an aluminum patio cover. However, being in the industry for so long has taught us that aluminum can vary in strength and stability.

As a precaution, we always recommend using thick plywood to distribute the weight evenly while walking on it. In addition, you should walk close to the posts or your house just to be sure.

Keep in mind that if we make an alumawood pergola, you won’t be able to walk on it. The material is lightweight and can’t hold a lot of weight. Consequently, no matter the construction, it is not safe to get up there and walk on it.

The safest option is to consult with us as manufacturers and installation experts about your particular patio cover. We should be able to inform you how much weight an aluminum patio cover can hold if we are the ones who built it.

Can You Put Solar Panels on Alumawood Patio Cover?

Patio covers are a popular place where you can place solar panels. In most cases, it is recommended to install them at an elevation angle between 20 and 45 degrees. However, not all patio cover constructions are suitable for solar panel installation.

Combining the extraordinary wood-grained look and the robustness of aluminum, you can typically install solar panels on alumawood patio covers. Before installing one, it is important to ensure the roofing is well-supported and can withstand the panel’s weight.

Alternatively, you can mount the solar panels on separate railings or support systems. It is always a good idea to consult with professionals like us if you want to ensure proper installation and structural integrity.

Can You Put Solar Panels on Alumawood Patio Cover



How much weight can an aluminum patio cover hold? Understanding this is essential for every owner. It allows you to ensure safety and prevent structural damage. To recap, it may range from 10 to 40 pounds per square foot.

Hence, if you live in an area with harsh weather like snowfalls and heavy winds or want to install something on it, consult us so you can preserve the longevity of your patio cover structure.

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