How to Clean Alumawood Patio Covers

Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of your alumawood patio cover. Over time, the natural elements can take a toll on its appearance. There’s no need to worry. This guide will give you the expertise to revitalize your patio cover and restore its lustrous appeal. With our guidance, you can learn how to clean Alumawood patio covers to their former glory.

How to Clean Alumawood Patio Covers

Cleaning Alumawood patio covers is a pretty straightforward process and can be accomplished by following a series of steps. 

  1. Gather the supplies– before cleaning your cover, you’ll need a soft-bristled brush, mild soap, a bucket, and a garden hose. Choose a high-quality soap to remove all the dirt. 
  2. Clear the debris– once you have all of these supplies ready, you can begin by using a brush or broom to clear any loose debris or dirt from the surface of the cover.
  3. Prepare the cleaning solution– once the debris has been cleared, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap in a bucket. Gently scrub the patio cover with soapy water, starting from the top and working downwards.
  4. Rinse with a garden hose– after thoroughly scrubbing the cover, rinse it with a garden hose to remove all soap residue and repeat the process for stubborn stains. 
  5. Dry the patio cover– use a soft cloth to dry the patio cover, or it can be allowed to air dry to prevent water spots. Finally, if desired, apply an aluminum protectant to enhance the cover’s resistance to the elements.

Alumawood patio covers can be effectively cleaned and maintained by following these steps on how to clean alumawood patio covers. The steps can ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

How to Clean Aluminum Patio Cover Gutters

Gutters are responsible for water management, and in times of a storm, the gutters channel the water flow and direct it to areas outside the patio. Without an installed gutter system, there may be an overflow on your patio cover after some time because of leaves and other debris buildups.

Here’s how you can effectively clean patio gutters.

  1. Gather supplies– to clean the patio gutters, you’ll need a ladder, gloves, scoop or small shover, bucket or trash bag, a garden hose, and a plumber’s snake with a spray nozzle.
  2. Set the ladder– start by setting the ladder on stable ground at a safe angle. Find a flat, non-slippery surface, and keep the base and top areas of the ladder clear.
  3. Clear the debris–  using a scoop or a small shovel, remove debris from the gutter and place it in a trash bag or bucket for disposal. 
  4. Check for clogs– if the water is not flowing freely, check for clogs using a plumber’s snake or a straightened coat hanger to clear stubborn blockages.
  5. Rinse with a garden hose– next, use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to flush out any remaining small debris and dirt from the gutter. You start from one end and work to the other to ensure a clear flow.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that your alumawood patio cover lasts long. When cleaning, carefully inspect the cover for any damages, loose parts, or other issues. Promptly address any problems you find to prevent further damage and keep your alumawood patio cover in excellent condition for years to come.

How to Clean Alumawood Patio Covers



We are excited to offer homeowners an excellent solution for how to clean Alumawood patio covers. These covers are renowned for their strength, easy upkeep, and beautiful wood-like appearance. By following simple cleaning and maintenance guidelines, homeowners can relish the benefits of such covers and create stunning, welcoming outdoor spaces for their loved ones and guests to cherish.

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