Can a Pergola Have a Solid Roof?

Pergolas are one of the most visually appealing backyard features and one of the most requested projects by our clients. With its increasing popularity, many are left wondering about its durability, or more specifically, can a pergola have a solid roof.

If you are a current pergola owner considering adding a solid roof, or someone who is thinking about building one, we are here to help you in every aspect of construction. Our roofing solutions, combined with our expertise, are the winning combination for your backyard.

Without further ado, let’s find out when do pergolas have roofs and what benefits will you get from such a design.

Can a Pergola Have a Solid Roof?

Because many are confused with the term, we feel like we need to start by briefly explaining what is a pergola roof. The pergola roof is a structure typically made of wood or metal. Pergolas have vertical pillars or posts supporting cross beams and an open lattice. They are typically non-roofed and can be assembled either freestanding or attached to your home. 

But what is the purpose of pergolas, and why don’t they have roofs? Traditional pergolas have slatted roofs and they provide the outdoor area with limited shade. Nowadays, pergolas can have solid roofs.

We typically build aluminum pergola roofs in Arizona over decks and patios. Still, you can also use them in your garden to create a partially shaded passageway or support for your climbing plants.

We can also build pergolas with different types of roofs, the most common being louvered, slatted, static paneled, fabric paneled, and retractable canopy roofs. While all of these are classic, can a pergola have a solid roof?

The answer is yes. We have built many pergolas with solid roofs so our clients can take advantage of their benefits. They provide more protection from the elements compared to an open-roof design.

Considering that pergolas are non-roofed structures, you might wonder what is a pergola with a roof called. In our years in the industry, we’ve learned that the most commonly used terms for pergolas with solid roofs are pavilion and gazebo.

Can a Pergola Have a Solid Roof


Benefits of Having a Pergola with a Solid Roof

Adding a roof to your existing pergola or building a new one with a solid roof can bring you several benefits.

Weather protection

The most common reason why our clients decide to get a solid roof on their pergola is the increased weather protection. Adding a solid roof on a pergola will provide your outdoor relaxation space with a complete shade instead of a partial one. 

If you are living in a hot climate and get around 300 sunny days in a year like we do in Arizona, you need that extra sun protection. In addition, you will be able to enjoy your patio or deck all year round. Sitting on your patio or deck won’t be a problem, even if there is heavy rain or snowfall.

Protection of your outdoor furniture and flooring

A solid roof will also protect your outdoor furniture. You will ensure their longevity by reducing the wear and tear of your furniture. Not only will you protect your furniture but also the flooring of your patio, avoiding high replacement and reparation expenses.

Enhanced privacy

Most importantly, you will also enhance your privacy. If we build a solid roof on your pergola, you will get a more intimate outdoor space. With a solid roof over your pergola, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors looking at you from above.

What Is the Best Roof Material for a Pergola?

Now that you know whether can pergolas have roofs, it is time to dig deeper and reveal the best materials for making one. The materials, including the making process of the patio cover, pergola, and similar outdoor structures, are vital for their durability.

In our experience, alumawood roof covers are, without a doubt, the best choice for a pergola. They offer the best of both worlds: the visual appearance of wood and the durability of aluminum.

A pergola with an alumawood roof will be:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • Rust resistant
  • Perfect for versatile use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
What Is the Best Roof Material for a Pergola



Not only can a pergola have a solid roof, but it will also bring you many advantages. If you want to make your backyard more visually appealing and functional, you can contact us and request a free quote for your project.

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